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Need Help Finding Good Armor And Clothing Replacer For My Character

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I have been trying to find a clothing&armor placers for my character.I will attach a file to show you how she looks. 
the body is from manga. i don't know if that say much but if not let me know and i will do my best to tell you some more. 


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yea that is the body i am using right now and some of those armors where crashing my game but now i figured it out but still have that fing gap on my character as well.  Would you happen to know of any good EnB mods for skyrim that my pc can handle


Pc set up

I7 3.40Ghz with hyper threading

8Gs of ram

GTX 555 (overclocked with msi)

1T HDD with a 500G HDD usb 3.0

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