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[Discussion] How Do You Get "sexy" In Skyrim?


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So, what I mean by the title is how do you have sex in Skyrim and how does it relate to you in real life?


So for example:


Do you play a female character but are a guy in real life?

A girl that plays a guy?

Play as the same sex?

Your character's sexuality?

How does most of the sex commence for your character?


Just a little thread to discuss things I suppose, I like to see how other adult-mod-users use the mods and such. 

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Interesting question. I'm a woman, and my "sexy" characters are female, too. My current character is being roleplayed from "fuckable meat" to "Dovahkiin, heroine and saviour of the country". Right now, she goes down at 80 % health, and running around naked is no help... So she's basically prey for anything that moves (damn you, sex-crazed crypt skeletons!!) except for spiders and chaurus. Apart from this, she's bestest friends with her werewolf follower. :D When she levels up, she gets a bit less vulnerable, a bit more human than animal, and some day she'll even get armoured...

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I am a woman who primarily RP's a man in Skyrim...he is a man with a difference though. I use an adjusted to my specifications Nord template, though he is not human, he is a born Werewolf. As such he is very animalistic and elemental in his approach, very much an Alpha Predator and a loner, is a wild beast not a man....He is not moral or immoral, he simply is and has no concept of any morality ideals, though as such he also can not deceive, can't understand the concept of a lie or theft. He wants for nothing though, so doesn't tend to take anything or loot bodies (aside from their flesh and viscera and any alchemical ingredients they have on them), his possessions remain very sparse and rarely has any coins....he doesn't buy and sell either, has no concept of it....Only eats Predator and Humanoid Meat, only drinks Water and sleeps in his own Bedroll, never stays overnight in Towns or Inns.


His sexual habits are driven by his Predation desire, he see's what he wants and takes it, most usually battle rape (battle excites him, he loves the hunt and challenge)...once in a while an innocent NPC will catch his eye though, then he will stalk them until their alone and takes what he wants...He sees no wrong in it, he sees it as simply he is stronger, so he takes....His Bisexual (Humans and Elves), will also mate with Werewolves, but no other beast, including Khajiits, Argonians or Vampires...just simply no desire for them.


How does it relate to me in real life? I have a passionate interest in Morals and Ethics and the Philosophy of and Social perceptions and I guess he gives me the opportunity to examine and play with a mind that completely lacks any comprehension of such social norms...no concept of good or evil involved, just purely a force of nature. He doesn't join any Guilds, in fact he wiped out the DB and the TG (both for the challenge) and I have been thinking he should really wipe out the Companions too (challenge), but I like Kodlak too much... :P ...plus their a whole lot of fun to stumble across when he runs into them roaming the wilds while his in Werewolf form... :D ...He has joined the Dawnguard though, he couldn't pass up hunting Vamps... ^_^

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I'm male and play males in every single RPG game I've ever played. I do like to have good looking girls in my game so I will grab some of the nice looking female follower mods, but it's not all girls exclusively, I do have some male ones in there also. Any chance I can beautify the NPC's in the game I will take.


I almost exclusively play as a Bosmer.


I typically play Skyrim in a semi-hardcore/realism setting, I have a handful of mods for this, most of them I've made myself. Things like making food no longer give instant health and instead provide health and stamina regeneration over time depending on the item consumed, then disabling base health and stamina regeneration completely (which means I have to eat about 3-4 times a day if I want to regenerate stats).


As far as sexuality goes, I'm straight and so is my character. I like to role play some relationship stuff in game with the aid of some of the consensual sex mods in sexlab. I am not a fan of the bestiality or rape mods, I don't particularly like that sort of stuff at all and when playing games like this I like to RP as much as possible, so none of my characters in RPG games goes for it either.


My girlfriend plays similar to me as far as the realism goes but she likes to roleplay a much darker character. She'll use sexlab for the girl on girl action frequently, ( ;))  She also has a pathological hatred of Nazeem and will often subject him to a variety of torture methods using the various sexlab plugins like devious devices. lol


She typically plays a dark and twisted Dunmer with a significant lack of moral fortitude.




My character's current appearance:




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I'm a guy who played 2 characters before focusing on 'story' writing in LL. One was a male Dunmer character which I just used to actually play the quests and stuff, no mods or anything like that. Got him to like, level 56 before I realised I'd done a lot of the content. And unfortunately I think he got save wiped when I cleaned up my Skyrim. Wish I could get him back, he was so cool, a crazy powerful mage (using sneak then Firestorm was hilarious in a small room). I also think he was a Stormcloak supporter.


Other character is my current Imperial, Rosso, who I dont really 'play' as such. She's like level 20 so I've done some things, but mostly just roaming the plains and using Auto-Crossbows on wolves. She's undecided over the civil war, but feels more for the imperials (Skyrim is the boonies).


She doesn't reflect much on my own sexuality. I consider myself straight but I have a thing for gender bending and women with a lot of 'sexual power' so to speak (although, weirdly I'm not much into S&M with whippin' and the chainin' and the ow, needles in my balls).


Rosso, however, seems to be strangely pansexual with regards to humanoids... doesn't do bestiality though, or falmer. If she wants to bed someone, usually there's some kind of friendly build up with talking and conversation. She's not really promiscuous but gossip gets around, ya know.  ;) 


When I'm actually playing, I play most games similar to a Contra/DmC Heaven Or Hell mode approach: One shot kills, both ways. As such, I play on legendary with little to no armour or speed boosting perks, on the other hand, I use level-relative OP weapons, currently the Automatic Crossbow mod that is broken as shit with the right perks + sneak. If I get wounded, usually half of my life has gone at that point, and if I survive, using the basic heal wounds spell works great on low level/low health characters. 

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It's similar to setekh. All Single-RPGs I played, I played a guy. Most lovely a warrior with power and arms of steel. In real life I also like it to pump up and made a lot sports.
Since skyrim with it's wonderful mods and realistic graphics I like to play the strong woman. I've to say, at first I saw some pictures in other games as sprays where creatures have sex with women in any games I did not know till that moment. I began to search and found this forum.
After that I started to play skyrim. At first without any mods. Just for learning. A week later I already hab about 10 mods including sex addicts eg. Now there are about 50 mods with defeat and nearly all good SexLab and combat sex mods I could found and do not cause any conflicts.

In most of splatter or horror films (wrong turn) and games (like Diablo 2). I ever had one question: Why girls or in some cases men don't try to start having sex to survive? Because its neither a sexfilm nor a sex game. But I like it a bit more real. there must be someone who would do anything to survive (of course not all) but some.
So sex is extremely limited for my girl. Maybe shes a bit shy in this case. I already thought about that she starts a sexual relationship to a human man besides beeing somewhere out there doing some quests. But till now she didn't find the right on. Maybe there will someone come and just take her. I like it to play as far as I can without having sex despite of having installed arousal, estrus chaurus, defeat, victim, prison overh. and much more. But she fights till theres no other way out.

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I'm a guy. my characters are 99% female with the odd male character made from time to time.


I figure If I'm going to spend a lot of time in a game I might as well be looking at the beautiful back side of a gorgeous woman. I love women. My girls depending on the character can sometimes be picky with their sex partners. Some will do one night stands, some multiple men in one night (or day heh) Some enjoy the company of men and women in bed while others tend to stick with one or the other.


For mods I use a lot of lore friendly skimpy armor, or mods that allow me to mix and match my own sets.


For sexy time mods I use Animated Prostitution (boo I know) As well as pinup poser and puppeteer. Since a LOT of the pics I take are for writing purposes I find posing the characters is easier then pausing a script running scene. If I ever had to start over though and fresh install Skyrim I would at the same time install SKSE and SKYUI. I don't use these currently and have a 198 stable modded game. The main reason I am not running sexlab mods. I would love to just to set up werewolf sex. Some of my gals would love a beast over a man but my current mods don't allow for it.

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I'm a man and I play a mixture of men and women in single player RPGs. It depends on my mood and what kind of character I feel like weaving a story around.


In my current play through my character is a Nord heterosexual male very much in the vein of Conan the Barbarian. In Alternate Start: LAL he began as a simple hunter who just kind of blundered into the whole Dovahkiin realization. He's lived humbly in the wilderness all his life and developed his own sense of how the world works through those experiences, so his sense of morals is simplistic in a lot of ways. In nature aggression is met by aggression and the winners do as they will with their prey. That's how he is with women who have tried to kill or otherwise aggressively oppose him. Once he's forced them into submission he feels it's his right as the conqueror to take them as he wills. He's not at all a sociopathic rapist or anything like that. He's simply an alpha creature.


If someone is too weak to stop him when he's going after something then they don't deserve to have it. He does have his own sense of honor, though, just like animals do. He's joined the Thieve's Guild freely and has no real problems with stealing things from those who can easily afford to lose them, for example, yet the underhanded murderous intentions of the Dark Brotherhood seem distasteful to him, like the low slinking of a skeever. He's also remained neutral in the Civil War as he finds the whole thing wasteful and the political maneuvering gives him a sour taste in his mouth.


When he's in a city or town he's as well mannered as he's able to be and tries to fit in, at least long enough to take care of whatever business he needs to and get out. Like Conan, no matter how civilized he appears to be, at heart he's still a product of his upbringing, a barbarian. He's just become accustomed to the laws of the wilderness and his skills and abilities put him on top of the food chain, as it were. Realizing that he's the Dovahkiin just cemented that belief. He doesn't flaunt his supposed superiority at all, it's just become a given in his mind.


In town he uses his magnetism and some suave, if slightly chauvanistic chatting up to coax willing women into his bed. There's none of the ravishment that occurs when he expresses dominance in the wilds of Skyrim, mostly because there's no need for him to defend it. Women gravitate to him naturally or they don't. Sexlab Submit in tandem with Arousal are fantastic for playing those aspects out with the dialogue options in Submit. When he uses the Submit shout I imagine that he's used a dovah word to express a dominant mating desire to whomever he's fighting at the time. If they submit and turn "friendly" towards him it's a sign that a part of them has accepted on an instinctual level. That idea will work for both genders, so the next time I play a female character I'll probably use the same premise.


So far it's been a really fun play through. He's a good character and the Conan-esque theme allows for him to be slightly rapey yet it fits with his story background and mindset. There's something refreshingly different about the somewhat simple way he views the world and a lot of his more grey decisions during the course of the quest lines make a lot of sense considering where he's coming from. I'm really enjoying him.


I think next play through will be different, though. Maybe a female Dunmer spellsword or a Ningheim...

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I'm a guy, and I play a mix of genders and such.  I'm one of those people who's way more into their character's story than necessary while they play, so whether they're male or female, their race, sexuality and behaviour, it's all something I decide as I'm making them, depending on the story I want to play.  As a consequence I make a lot of new characters, few of which get very far before I move on to the next little idea.  If it's a simple, throwaway character that I'll be bored with in five levels I'll usually make them pretty horny just so they'll be interesting for the few hours I'll play with them


I do have two primary characters I always go back to, though.  One male breton, one female dark elf, both straight.  After all the times I've broken my game with mods and such, I always end up going back to them or even recreating them if they're file's just too damaged.  I guess I try to play them to their personalities, but their personalities are based a decent amount on what the lore says about their races.  Breton names are often pretty French, and near as I can tell the culture's supposed to be too, so the male's something of the roguish French noble type.  He won't think much of warming his bed with that pretty serving wench over there while he's out adventuring.  He's friendly and flirty, and while most of the time he comes of as some foppish poseur, he knows what he likes and how to get it, and what he likes are powerful magics, expensive possessions and pretty women.  He could care less about politics and war.  He doesn't care who believes in what gods, after all.  If you have a problem with him, fight him.  He'll run you through or blow you up, though he'll try not to kill you, and he'll only brag about it to your face for a minute or two.  That said, he might decide to take advantage of the swooning woman right in front of you while healers are rushing to stop you from bleeding on the ground.  He's an easy character for me to RP because his personality is fun to play.  SL and plugins play a fairly noticeable factor with this game, though mostly just consensual dialogue things, like with Submit or Romance.


The female's quite a bit more chaste than that, but it's more that she's just disinterested in sex and is more focused on her goals, since dark elves tend to be objective focused, uninterested in a lot of other people (like Nords), have superior attitudes and rarely trust others, even other dark elves.  She does not deviate from this cliche in the slightest.  She's distrustful, superior, self centered and wouldn't even consider calling most people in Skyrim friends unless they've done something significant to earn it, let alone actually bed them.  That being said, the few friends she does have, while she might not die for them, she'd certainly kill for them.  At the end of the day, she's not there to have fun, she's out for blood.  She's got a Greathouse to help rebuild and national pride to restore, and while she's not much of a mage, she'll be damned if what's left of house Telvanni's going to let Skyrim forget who their neighbors are.  Those Stormcloak upstarts and Aldmeri pretenders better start remembering who the real fiercest fighters and strongest mages in the Empire are.  I like playing this character because they're proud and often ruthless, I suppose, and avoiding sex or anything that could cause the character to appear weak or vulnerable when using things like Arousal, Defeat and Submit adds a different kind of challenge to their game.  Even when she does find someone that takes her fancy, she's in the dominant position.  With characters like this, SL and  its plugins fall by the wayside and you're just reminded of them occasionally.


What this says about my psyche, I can only guess.  If I look it over, I kind of seem a bit messed up.


One thing I will say about how I set up sex in my play is that my characters never commit rape.  The feature is there, but it's just another part of the game I don't use.  Depending on the character, I'll fiddle with the settings to make it more or less likely they will be raped, but important characters, like my two mains, will rarely, if ever, be raped.  In the end, the vast majority of sex in my games is consensual, but it's not always so.


What mods I have active depend on the character I'm playing.  I think the only SL mods I haven't used yet for one file or another have been the Devious Devices mods, but that's just because I'm not especially into those kinds of things.


Looking over this thread, it's kind of cool to see how much thought people put into their characters and mod choices.

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