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FOWL (From Oblivion with Lore) Artifact Weapons

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Hi there!


This Mod adds some Weapon artifacts from the TES IV Oblivion and one from Shivering DLC.


Name: FOWL - From Oblivion with Lore - Weapon Artifacts [WIP?];


This MOD tries to add some favorite weapons from Oblivion and it is a good option for those who want some lore items instead of custom weapons that have no meaning in TES (nothing against that, I have plentiful of amazing non-lore stuff, don't get me wrong). I got this idea from this Mod after noticed that it lacks some stuff and decided to add some more, using UESP Wiki as reference.


This Set adds 8 weapons and staves:


- Staff of Indarys (Thunderbolt Enchantment);

- Staff of the Everscamp (Conjure Familiar Enchantment);

- Hrormir's Ice-staff (Ice Storm Enchantment);

- Staff of Worms (Raise Zombie Enchantment);

- Nerveshatter War-hammer - Amber version (Base Damage - 29, Shock Damage Enchantment);

- Rugdumph's Sword (Base Damage - 24, Paralysis Enchantment);

- Blackwater Blade (Base Damage - 8, Damage Stamina Enchantment);

- Umbra Great-sword (Base Damage - 24, Soul Trap Enchantment);


Umbra Great-sword taken from Here


The textures used are from InsanitySorrow Improved Armory

To install, just unzip and drop the data folder on the Skyrim main directory. I have installed using NMM and it worked well.


To uninstall manually, enter in the Data folder and delete FOWLOblivionArtifacts.esp; delete also the "FOWL" folders under Data\Meshes\weapons\ and Data\Textures\weapons\ .



To get the Set:

- use the console;

- pick them in a chest near Alduin's Wall in Sky Temple (see screenshots);



- The weapon damage and enchanting values are vaguely based according to the Oblivion ones;

- the items are not craftable or upgradable yet. I plan to make them upgradable only.

- The staves disappear when sheathed, I am still working on this issue, but if you know how to solve this contact me please.


Screenshots at the Download page.


Future plans for this mod:

- fix reported bugs;

- probably add some more weapon artifacts depending on feedback and suggestions;




The future development of this Mod will rely greatly with suggestions (not requests); the kind of suggestions I'm looking for are new items (only ones not used on this other mod), item stats and properties (enchants and damage) and pick location (forget quests, the best I could do is spread the items hidden around the game or equip some enemies in a fort or tower for you to fight to get them). Please PM me or reply to this MOD topic discussion, I will consider and reply to every suggestion.


Thanks and Credits:


InsanitySorrow for almost all the textures used;

buddah for Mighty Umbra Sword files;

Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls games;

All the good modders that help improve this amazing game by creating mods, leaving great video tutorials or helping noobs like me!


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Guest Ragna_Rok



what... the... fuck...


okay, i didnt read the description, due to lack of time, me being fucking drunk, goin to bed, facing exams, and so on... but holy fuck...  nice job :)


just watch out for the stuff you used from insanity, i simply assumed you asked him first coz as such its fine for me to enjoy this awesome compilation mod with some things even my level 244-orc was still missing in skyrim... and falskaar... jotunheim... solstheim... blackland... orsinium... you know... :)


really, nice job, pal :)


thx for your work :)


edit: downloaded, and after a fast check, 5 stars and a like for you buddy, plus pretty much any other form of kudos i could give :)


eidt 2: a couple of in-game-minutes... yep, all kudos, stars, likes and so one deserved... welcome to the club of modders, dude :) didnt notice you before, but even old retired fucks like me check back once in a while, just keep em coming :)

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  • 3 months later...

Lovely artifacts! I have been looking for them for a long time. I have a suggestion for the staff of worms, is it possible to change the reanimations to 3 with a soul trap spell to recharge it? Also if it was a bit more darker it would look more similar to oblivion's.


All this weapons are being embedded in other armor releases (I've noticed that the blunt weapons have wrong blood effects and I'm fixing it in the armor releases, but not in this pack).


About the staff of worms, of course it's easy to make it darker and change the spell. I'll work to fix this package in the next weekend. 

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