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Nexus Cant See Sexlab.esm?

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Im trying to install sexlab. ive extracted the files into skyrim data. ive run the fnis. i go to activate it using nexus but when i try to add the .esm nexus cant see it though its def in the file. what am i doing wrong? i m noob so any help would be greatly appreciated...

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If by nexus you mean nexus mod manager, you don't add the esm file to it. You add the archive you downloaded from here and let NMM do the unpacking instead of doing it manually, that way NMM can actually handle it correctly and install / delete the files properly when needed.

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I installed SL mods manually when I still used the NMM. And it worked fine, better than letting NMM install them actually.


Try going to the vanilla Skyrim launcher and checking the SL Framework/mods there in the 'data files' part of the launcher. Once activated there NMM should see them.

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