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Weird Actor Spin During Animation

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So, I've been searching around but it seems that in spite of everyone's issues, nobody's got mine.


I just installed the framework v 1.54 and for some reason, my main character just rotates to this weird angle right as an animation starts


I tested all the sexlab mods I'm currently using on separate saves and they're all working just fine with the new framework so that's not an issue


I just have no clue why it's this one particular character seeing as all the others are working perfectly fine

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I had (have)  the same problem. It seems to start when your character is in the downed position, but then starts to turn, or tries to crawl or move. Like the npc's do when they are in the downed position. It seems like it is more of a issue cased by Skyrim itself. 

I have never found a fix. Make sure your cursor is in the center of the screen, because you can start your character moving this way if you were trying to like look in a different direction (hope thats understandable lol).

Another thing I try and do is as soon as I go down in the defeated position. I zoom my camera out a ways. Don't know if this helps, but it dose seem to make a difference.

Also when it dose start to happen if you press the "u" key (change animation key) this sometimes clears the problem up.

Sorry I couldn't really help to fix the problem.

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It isn't just when defeated, it's for every type related to this character, no matter if it's through defeat or consenual


All saves on this particular character are like this, yet it's totally fine for everyone else. I also made a thread another time about hotkey problems to try to manually adjust and yet it says everything is bound to escape when it really shouldn't be and I can't adjust so all the animations are just way misaligned

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