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Help With Mods Please.

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Hi, I would like to install some of the adult mods on this website but sadly I'm a very incompetent human being and I have no shame is saying so. So far I believe  I installed SKSE and FNIS properly because there were no warnings when I did that update thing. All I really need clarification on is how to install the mods afterwards, am I just supposed to put them in my data file how they are in the zip or is there something I have to do. I tried a bunch of mods the other day and they didn't work so I'll just assume I did it wrong. Please help as best as you can I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you. 

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It depends on the mod.

Some mods are copied directly into Data.

Some mods have additionally the Data folder included as a directory.

It varies from mod to mod.


Mostly a readme in the mod and a description on the mod page.


A few exceptions are. ENB and SKSE be installed directly in Skyrim root directory.


Important. You have to activate the ESP/ESM in Skyrim_launcher - (without use Mod Organizer).


BUT you need to Skyrim start with the SKSE_Launcher.


If you are using Mod Organizer, you need to set up Mod Organizer for SKSE and FNIS.

Then you can run with Mod Organizer FNIS and SKSE

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