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[Req] Animated Carry Person


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I don't know if this is even possible or interesting for anyone, but something I'd like to see is the ability to pick up, carry and put down/drop a living npc in Skyrim.  Obviously you can drag a dead or unconscious body, but I'd really like an option for living creatures that would also be more dynamic.  Is there something like this out there?  Or is it even feasible to create?



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I was thinking more like fireman's carry.  Basically I'm hoping to start developing a slaver mod over the next month or so, and a mod to carry someone adds some of the functionality I'm looking for.  Though granted I'm not sure if looking for a non-adult mod to add functionality to a planned adult mod belongs in this forum or another one.  :-/

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It'd be amazing if this was possible 

Besides any lewd applications of this it would awesome for us sneaky types too.

We could carry bodies away hitman style and dump them over cliffs preventing people from finding them.


I support this.

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