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[Modder question] Temporary ownership / Hospitality

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I have a few ideas involving hospitality.


For example, in SD+, I would like to grant temporary ownership to the bed and items of the master after you are enslaved. Right now, if a bandit captures you, everything in their lair still appears as owned by the bandits and will be flagged as stolen if you pick them up.


Any idea how I could approach granting access to these items / food / furniture while the PC is enslaved?


Another option could be to ask Inn keepers for access to beds or food in exchange of sex.


Is there a temporary faction I could use? 

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I was working through this myself earlier today. Basically, what I've discovered is that cells can have a faction for an owner  Below this ownership tab, it has a "required rank" option. Basically what I have discovered is that if the player is that specific rank in the faction, then they will be able to use whatever the object is. In addition, certain items will have their own unique ownership property, which allows you to set it as a more important item (needing a higher rank to take or use). Hope this helps.


Also, if you're looking at temporary ownership, it might help to look at the innkeeper room rental dialogue. Somewhere in that will probably have the information you are looking for.

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i would go with changing the relationship value to 3 or 2. Should work no matter the factions the player or the enslaver is in.
Just remember the inital value or set it to 0 or below after enslavemnt is done/the player got free.


Edit: Might not work if a furniture or item is owned by a faction and not by the targeted NPC directly.

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Thanks for the suggestions but setrelationshiprank() doesn't seem to work in that respect.


I tried a quick script in Haelga's Bunkhouse - I set Haelga's relationship to the player to 4 and nothing in the house changes ownership.


I am sure there is a way to do that since I noticed some places losing their 'steal' flag for some reason (like Camilla and Lucius house after the quest for the claw is completed).

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Try this:


Edit: Still there seem no easy way to restore it other than


But then you need to make sure, the player is not in this cell.


Edit 2: Another way w/o overriding ownership is to change the faction relationships between player and the enemies specific faction to 3 or 4. That should give the player access to everything.

Note: You need to set both faction relationships to 3 else it will not work.

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