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Idk what to do (internet)

Lovely Rose

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So for about a year now ive been having problems with it. I call and i call and i call, Yet nothing is ever done.

My internet subscription i get (lowest gaurennted) 2mbs to 4mbs. Im not even getting .5mbs. 


I was playing EVO (on my buddys account) No lags, no problems, no nothing.  Buddy got on GOOGLE.  I lost all internet to the computer within 5 secounds of him getting on google.


It didnt even try, internet was like NOPE!, Fuck this, im out.


I call and complain about it all the time!  ive called each month sense about feburary last year (which was shortly after i got the internet here)

Everytime they tell me "Line is to far" "Cant do anything inside the house to improve it" "Will call someone out"


And everytime nothing is done,  I get these free modem boxs (that cost like 100s of dollars) everytime a new ones out, and SOMETIMES i get my bill free to a % off.  But its getting to the point that if 2 people are home, only one can use the internet.  D:!


I want to get a new internet, but none will support me, as im on the edge of town "outside range".




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where do you get your phone and TV service? as far as TV and internet with satellite goes it's not as restrictive as cable (as in shared bandwidth) telephone is still over landline and is difficult to get with a package deal. I personally don't have a landline phone I have Cell. no sense in paying two phone bills. I don't know of a satellite company that couldn't reach. (DirecTV, DishNetwork, etc.) only problem would be is if you lived between mountains :)


Verizon XD


And i only got ze internet. i have cellphones instead of home phones.

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Depending on where you live you are limited in options. I have a friend that for years his only choice was Sat internet which is very fast but has a built in delay, which is fine for single player games or surfing the web. On multiplayer games forget it. His other choice was dialup, two years ago one cable company offered service where he was. He has it and it works fairly good but he has a lot of problems being at the edge of their service.


You could look into cell modems as well, though they tend to have limited downloads and pricy. It really depends on what all you need out of your internet. You have options but it sounds like you have very limited ones due to where you live.

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Guest carywinton

There are various options available for you that could possibly improve your internet. If this "ZE Internet" service through Verizon offers xDSL, or is considered to be xDSL, see if it has HDSL2 or ADSL2 technology, this will push further, also ask about xDSL repeaters, some companies will offer this for an extra charge, but it will push better and much further. Finally there is services offered by most of the larger providers now called EIA, this is what I am currently using until the Fiber trunk to me is finished. EIA is like being on a giant LAN, it gives you a direct CAT5E handoff that you plug in from a device like a Tellabs 8815 Concentrator, it can add T1 circuits together (bonding), but prepare yourself for a high price tag. Of course last in the list and the most expensive, but improving in price is a full T1, this is like having 24 DSL modems all hooked together at once, it usually starts at 1.5MB, up and down, but is guaranteed through a contract (SLA) to be this speed always. People often confuse speed with a circuit size, just because you have a high speed does not guarantee it will handle high data rates, this is why T1's are so expensive, they can handle multiple data streams where as an xDSL cannot. Also T1's use repeaters as a standard install when necessary, unlike xDSL.


There are inside network issues within your house that I could possibly diagnose for you remotely to determine if there is a failure or bottleneck point. These kinds of problems are part of what I do everyday.


Satellite Internet has a delay or lag due to the distance the data must travel up to the satellite and back, 750ms latency up and down this is a 1.5 second lag or delay from the time you click your mouse and the command reaches the destination, this is why it does not work for on line gamming (MMOs).

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Even if your subscription is 2mbs I don't see why it would cause a problem if more than one person logs in. If I were you first thing I'd check is the router. I also have the problem with what I pay and what I get. I pay for 24mbs and I get 7.... :/


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I'm supposed to have 10 mb down and 10 mb up (only get about 2 mb down & up) but I need to have a 15 meters long cable because the broadband socket is in the hall, while my computer is in the living room. Another catch is that the f****** apartment complex owners have their own server so everything goes through that. And if their server goes down, they only tell you to call your ISP company, since the problem is always on their end (despite the problem being on their own end).

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