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How can I create/edit skyrim models with the new Blender?


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Hello, I'm not a newbie modeler or animator, and now I think I could help the comunity with my work, but there is some time that I've been trying to make some thing for skyrim using Blender, and the problem is that I only find extensions for the versions under 2.60, does anyone know how do I export .blend files to skyrim?
Can I also use Blender to create new animations?

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Possible avanues:


1. Make your own plugin (unlikely) Actually I think the people over at niftools have a beta version for the latest Blender or at least the deve team there is actively working on it.

2. Have 2 installs of Blender, The newer version to model in, and an older supported version to export nifs out from.

3. Use an external program to make the nifs. Like nifskope (You need this program anyway and it sorta is technically possible to make an .obj into a working game .nif just by using this program if you know it well enough). There's also Bodyslide (It'll export out any obj's to nif format). There's probably some other programs I do not know of that can do the same thing.


Edit: No idea about animating, if it supports .kf import/export I assume you'll be fine.


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Hello, I'm not a newbie modeler or animator,


if not then you already knew the workflow. But since you are asking this, There is no nifscript for newer blender, so you need the old blender 2.49b import the meshes and textures with the new alpha nifscript created for skyrim, don't use this script for other games like oblivion etc..


save you blend file and open the new blender with your saved blend file. and crate what you need with it.


Now comes the tricky part but since you are no newbie here is advanced stuff to do. export what you did as an object and import that part back into the old blender 2.49b if you don't you won't be able to work with new blend file in the old blender.


And finish your work and export the animation. like you normally do.


or switch to 3dmax and you won't have this problem at all.

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