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ENBoost error

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I recently installed the latest ENB for skyrim so that I could use the ENboost mod to get a performance increase. I keep getting a red message across the top saying PATCH SPEEDHACK ENBoost turned on in enblocal.ini, graphic modification disabled. So I can't use shift+enter to edit anything.


Anyone know what I should do to fix this?


Other comments/questions:


Enb alone works fine, but a little laggy.


With ENBoost will my game look better than with no ENB at all or is it purely for FPS increases?


I mean I'd like to use it to remove some stutters I get and increase FPS but not really at the expense of my game looking dull.


Thank you.

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Graphic effects do not work after installing this. To turn on ENBSeries as graphic

mod (ENBoost use only patch of it), set parameter            ====>UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=false<====

in enblocal.ini.


Unless you have a terible computer i say after shesons memory patch this boost is not needed anymore just saying.


Just install 1.7 SKSE or if 1.6 SKSE install SSME and your game runs smooth CTD limited alot and loading times also very reduced.


Then start modding game with performance mods and you don't need ENBoost anymore.

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