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Mouse Slowing Down Mid Game - Fine on Menus


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I'm in-game and everything is fine.  After playing for X amount of time (don't know how long since it only started today), my mouse slows down.  It takes three whole mouse movements (pick up the mouse and reset) to look from right to left as opposed to moving the mouse an inch w/o picking it up (if that makes any sense).  The pointer works a-ok on menus.  I've never had this issue before.  I did a reinstall yesterday (I think).  Steam saved my control settings from before.



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Okay.  Apparently, I can't delete this topic.


I have a merged patch that has a sprint mod in it, which I forgot about since the old sprint esp hadn't been moved into the merged backup folder somehow.  So I had my merged patch and the sprint esp active after I reinstalled NV a few days ago.  Therein lies the derp.  So I believe that was the issue.


You can delete this if you want to, BW, since you're the kind of guy that does this around here (YOU'RE BATMAN!!!!).

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You know, I need the bat signal for that to work...:D


But maybe this can be useful information for some lost soul having the same problem. If you really want it gone, say the word. 


Oh and btw, Project Nevada has sprinting and a lot of other nifty features built right in. That mod is impeckable as far as I'm concerned (I never go without it), so even if you want to use it just for sprinting or bullet-time, I'd still use it just for that functionality. It is highly customizable with MCM and you can use it with basically every other mod out there.

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