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Basic misunderstanding of Sexout

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I feel silly asking this because I'm pretty sure the information i need is floating around a post somewhere already but I can't seem to locate it. Forgive me if this is something I should have seen already.


I see mention of rape content in the mod configuration after installing Sexout using the tutorial post. I don't know how to trigger any of it though. I think I made the assumption that certain NPCs/monsters/beasts would try to force the player during combat or after defeating the player. Is this incorrect? With the basic Sexout and a few additional mods (Tryout, Pregnancy, Consequences)  can initiate sex in a few places and some factions will ask or force me.


My question is this, does the default Sexout include the content I'm looking for or do I need something like Brutal Rapers? If I need Brutal Rapers, which version should I get? I feel like I have seen several different mods that are variants or continuations of Brutal Rapers. Also does Brutal Rapers include monster content like dogs and bot flies etc?


I'm just a little bit confused. The game has been out so long and there is so much mod content it can be difficult to sift through for someone new to the scene.

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