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So how does TBBP handle custom Animations?


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I am asking not purely out of curiosity, but because my experience with it has been peculiar to say the least. 

I have noticed that when I use walking animations that has a 360 degree turn going for it, the breasts and the but get's squeezed inwards. I assume this has something to do with the limitations of the HDT physics engine, and I'd really just like to know if this is normal or if I fucked up somewhere.

TBBP works fine if I keep my character facing forward or walking backwards facing the camera though, but as soon as you face diagonally or straight left/right the physics get funny. 

This is not really a technical problem i'd like solved and more a question of how well TBBP+HDT Physics behaves with custom animations. 

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It isn't really a matter of how TBBP handles animations but more of how animations handle TBBP. TBBP just adds the ability for the movement of the butt by connecting the mesh to the added skeleton parts. If the animations don't do anything with them they won't move and some can distort things depending on how the skeleton the TBBP skeleton pieces are attached to are being moved. HDDT helps quite a bit as it will move those even if the animation won't.

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