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Fallout Adult 3 mods list

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The following is a list of Mods for the Original Fallout 3. The versions of the mods listed here are not compatible with the New Vegas Expansion. Click the mods name to go to its download page. Registration at Nexus is required to view most mods listed here.


Animated Prostitution AP for short, is the top adult mod currently available for FO3 it adds prostitution and fully animated sex into the game.


Animated Prostitution Addons: These optional mods require AP to be installed first.


Animated Prostitution Reanimated Improves on the original AP's animations. (Currently obsolete; the animations are already integrated into the latest AP version)

Mesmetron Recruitment gives an alternate way to recruit prostitutes.

Brothel for Animated Prostitution adds new home specifically made for use with AP and includes 2 new prostitutes.


Animated Prostitution Crossover Mods: Found in the Animated Prostitution downloads section crossover patches add animated sex into mods which originally used black screens with voiceovers or text.


Play Things is a companion mod with adult dialogues.

Seducing women is Quest Mod about seducing various NPCs.

Wasteland Player is Quest Mod about seducing NPC and optionally turning them into prostitutes.


Other Adult Mods

Exotic Dancers v4 adds strippers

Pretty Woman Exotic-Dancers a modified version of the Exotic Dancers mod, it's supposed to make the strippers more visually appealing.


Nude Body Mods: incomplete list

Type V Female Body and Armor Replacer a modified Type 3 and my personal favorite, T5 cloths and armor are usable with the the Type 3 Dimonized body as well.

DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body the most popular body for good reason.


Special Nude Body Mods: should probably be used in addition to a normal body mod.

FEM - Female Enhancement Mod New mod for changing bodies in-game, mostly complete but still missing a couple features, see the nexus page for details.

Body Control this mod allow you to change bodies in-game an comes with a pack of 8 male bodies and 11 female. Generally considered obsolete since the release of FEM but still has its uses.


Japanese Fallout 3 file Upload sites. Use at your own risk.



New Vegas




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Here are 4 to add to your list, they are my personal favorites.


Exnem nude female body replacer for FO3:




Exnem body bigger breasts: (This mod needs the original Exnem body replacer installed first to work).




Exnem BB oily skin and skimpy pack: (Needs Exnem body bigger breasts to work).




Breezes FO3 Males:













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except from the clothes replacers and new sexy clothes for type3 or typeV, AP was the only adult mod i could find.

i remember reading about a mod which makes the members of factions have consensual sex... was that an AP-addon or something from sexus?

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