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UserVoice or UserVoice-like service for LL modders?


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I know we can conduct very basic polls when you create a new forum thread on LL.


However, it is not the best way to solicit for recommendations if you are a mod developer. 


There is a great service out there : UserVoice.com. I'm not sure its appropriate for the LL community, so that's why I wondered if there was something out there (preferably free) that would allow us to collect not only Poll data, but also feature requests! Personally, I find it a challenge to keep track of posts on a mod's forum thread to capture all the great "how about this for your mod?" type posts...


Any ideas?

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While you can create basic polls as you said, the discussion of a chatroom was also brought up and you may find that here. As well I suggest that if you are actively making a mod or looking for input on it that you start a blog on the site, it is a feature which is available to users and you may find it to suit your needs. You will be able to make a post and then have people who are looking to provide input comment at the bottom. You would just merely have to make it be known that you have a blog as to the work going on for your mod. Other than that I don't know what else you could use.

Incase you overlooked it, as I know I have, here is the blog link to get you started should you decide to partake. (LINK) As well if you need help on creating the blog you may find information here.

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I don't know of any personally. My best suggestion which I full admit isn't a great one. Is make a idea thread for Apropos and then keep editing the OP with each of the idea's. Then people can post their views on those idea's and offer tweaks or suggestions and when a good one comes up alter the OP again. Either adding new stuff or tweaking some of the listed idea's.


I am more than happy to help, but I am still completely lost when it comes to modding. I know basics about computers and making web pages, but modding skyrim is still well beyond me for now. Eventually I hope to be able to do simple mods myself or help others with mods.

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