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Type6M Body Issue.


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I apologize if this has been addressed before but a search yielded nothing for me. Admittedly I'm not good at Search-Fu so here goes.


I use the Type6M Body and I know there's an issue with it in which the vagina area looks extremely stretched/deformed during Sexout Animations and whatnot. It looks fine during normal play but when the sweat starts flyin', things go crazy down there.


Has there ever been a fix anywhere for this issue? Kendo said it was an issue with something being changed for unknown reasons but I didn't want to ask for tech support in the Mod Request Topic.


I'm just wondering if there's a fix for this issue out there in this world. :P

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I am far less knowledgeable than Kendo 2 on matters of bodies and textures.  My search-fu fared no better than yours.  This may or may not have had something to do with my attention span.


What I do suggest is trying to get a screenshot of the issue as a jpg and post it under a spoiler.  That should help in diagnosing the issue.


Considering that T6 is installed with Sexout, I would think it would be weird for there to be a known issue without some sort of fix - unless the issue is created by something else.

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I will attempt to get a screenshot of it, for more purposes I am using Type6M BNB with BNB Body Meshes (All except the femalebody nifs as instructed), so my issue could be from any number places. I'll grab a screenie and edit this post when I do.




There's a link to the image as I could not figure out how to get it to show up in this post, kept getting told it's not allowed. x.x Hope it helps clarify what I mean. :)

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Guest endgameaddiction

You are reffering to the T6M Bounce version. when the legs spread, so does the vagina. Looks scary. Yep. I too have noticed that a while ago. I was going to bring this up, but then chose to use a different BNB from here. Would be nice if it gets fixed since some of my presets do actually use the T6M bounce version.

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