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02/16/2014 - ATTENTION: Policy Change Regarding Content With Underage Characters

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Recently there has been a growing concern with the content of various mods overhauling child NPCs or adding playable races that depict themselves as young of age. After a review of these mods, our previous policies regarding them, and a discussion amongst ourselves; we have decided it would be appropriate to alter this policy for both the sake of protection and growth of the LoversLab community at large.

Starting today a new rule will take effect and has been added this current list of Community Rules. This new rule can be found along with the others at http://www.loverslab.com/topic/292-rules/?p=686179 under rule #13 and it reads as follows:


As we are typically associated as being an adult pornographic community, we will not allow any sort of nudity or sexual content involving characters that could be seen as depicting somebody as underage. This includes any character that could be seen as loli, shota, child, or underage teen, regardless of it's position as a virtual character or the intent to be passed off as a mystical race who only looks young; the only thing that matters in this respect is what the character appears to be at a glance.


We are certain this change will result in many questions, so we have a compiled a list of probable questions to hopefully provide people with a clear understanding of our stance on the topic and reasoning by our decision.

  • Why ban this but not rape, beastiality, and slavery mods?
    • Due to the nature of this site as a destination for hardcore and pornographic sex mods, we do not feel it's appropriate to also be seen as a site where one can download mods containing underage nudity, regardless of however the two are separated from one another on the site itself.
    • Legality issues with laws concerning illustrated/simulated underage persons depicting nudity or sexual content exist and are of a real concern for many users from various countries.
  • It's a fantasy race that looks eternally young, they aren't actually underage!
    • The fiction or back story given to a character does not matter in this case, the character still depicts itself as being underage; legally and morally this is the one and only thing that concerns us.
    • If somebody was to make a mod that adds a creature companion to the game that is a magical race of powerful immortal time travelling monsters, who take a form resembling that of a duck with subtle differences, any reasonable outsider who looks at it is not going to think "Well take look at that, it's an 800 year old time traveler." They are going to think, "Aw, look at the cute little duck."
  • What about race mods that also have sexually mature appearing meshes and textures as an option? Or just flat chested meshes for adult characters?
    • Those options and/or mods can remain as is, our concern lies solely with nudity and explicit sexual content in any mesh or texture that could be confused as being pre-pubescent or very early teens.
  • What qualifies a mod, screenshot, or other content as being banned for containing sexual content or nudity depicted as an underage person?
    • Largely this is up to staff discretion, however in general the red flags we will be looking for is any mod that depict an obviously shorter character with female breasts ranging from flat to very small, general scrawny and undeveloped look, or other signs of having not reached sexual maturity.
    • Anything from the above that depicts exposed genitalia or involves the character in a graphic sexually related scene or heavily sexual suggestive pose (such as an up-skirt screenshot, even if the nudity itself remains covered/hidden)
    • We are not the fashion police; scantily clad armorers/clothes are not forbidden on any character. However if the armor/clothes in question is intended for use with an underage appearing character, it must at least fully cover any nudity.
  • Does this mean graphical overhauls for children or young teen NPC's are banned?
    • Not at all, they are still welcome and we will happily provide a home for them, so long as they do not contain any nudity option for their underage appearing meshes and/or directly involve any of those characters in sexually explicit content.
  • I created a mod that would be affected by this, are you telling me to leave and that my contributions are not wanted?
    • Again not at all! Many child overhaul mods are actually welcome additions to anybodies game, seeing as the vanilla versions are generally nothing short of terrible looking. They do not however need nude meshes/textures accompanying them to accomplish this task, and with the high availability of sex mods on this site, we do not wish there to be any perception of combining them with nude meshes/textures applied to underage appearing characters.
    • We will contact authors of such mods as we are aware of them to inform and answer any questions about this change in policy. After which we will provide them with a 24 hour grace period to make any alterations they need to make in their mod to remove any underage nudity option or sexual content. At the end of 24 hours if the mod still hasn't been updated to reflect this, we will be forced to remove any download links. Only the download links and any inappropriate screenshots will be removed, the threads content will be left intact and the mod author allowed to re-add their download as soon as they make the required alterations.
  • What if I see a mod, screenshot, video, or other such content containing such content?
    • Immediately report it to the site staff by clicking the report button on the post and including a description of why you believe it to be a violation. Then immediately leave it be for staff to take care of by themselves.
    • Do NOT harass the other members in the thread and start throwing out accusations towards them or others. Just hit the report button and leave it for us to handle on our own.

If you have any further questions on this change or any matter you can contact myself (via private message) and I will do my best to provide you with a response when possible.


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