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CTD at Main Menu

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I'm scratching my head on this one. I played about 5 hours this afternoon without an issue, I load up some mods (some upgrades and some new ones) and then my game CTD's right after the Bethesda screen, right as the Main Menu is loading up. I go back and start uninstalling those mods one by one to see who the culprit is, and after uninstalling them all I'm still CTD'ing. I would have thought that uninstalling the mods would have fixed any issue, so I am wondering if there is something deeper at play? Should I wipe and reload?

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Activate all mods you want to use, fire up TES5Edit and check it's log for errors, as it'll tell you which plugin misses a master.

Repeat until no more errors stop TES5Edit from loading all your mods.

I've been meaning to DL and try out TES5Edit, but honestly with everything working I never saw the need. I will have to give it a whirl tomorrow after work since I have a reason now. Thanks for the suggestion. =)

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Wrye Bash is much  easier, it will check your load order (w/o changing it like Boss does), and tell you which ones are missing masters in red.

Agreed, but i have the hope he gets more into TES5Edit and uses it to clean the official DLCs (yes, they are full of dirty and unneeded edits, leading to instability and performance loss) and some mods, because cleaning guides are linked on all important sites and Gopher has a nice video about it.


Creating a TES5Edit created Merged Patch and Wryes Bashed Patch are good ideas as well, making mods more compatible to each other.

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You may have to check which mod is looking for an .ESM / master. Using Wrye Bash can help you find it (an .ESP requiring an .ESM will show up in red).

Thank you for mentioning that. That just jogged my memory on something I saw when I was updating some mods, specifically Devious Devices Integration, and this little tag line "Integration is now an esm, rather than an esp.". I bet you upgrading from 2.6.5 to 2.6.6 is what messed me up. Having said that, even after disabling all DD related mods I still CTD. And also after reinstalling all my old versions of the DD mods I still CTD. But I bet you the trouble began when I upgraded that mod and something else didn't like it.


I'll give Wrye Bash out a little later tonight or possibly tomorrow and see if it can confirm my suspicions.



Edit: That's what it was...or more specifically it was Live a Deviant Life and Angrim's Apprentice not being updated to the latest version. Everything is running good now and I now know how to use 2 new tools. Thanks for the help guys! =)

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