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Realy need help, Crash when using High ress texture mods


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Well the game sometimes crash after a while when im using a mod with high ress textures either armor OR partner!(mostly happens with partners with high ress skins) i did search the WHOLE net to find a solution for this problem but all that i found was about the HD dlc pack!


Anyone know a way to fix this problem please??

for more info, my game will be stable only when i leave high ress partners/armors behind! or quite and and launch skyrim again(help to stable the game for a while), but i wana use them anytime i want :(


Thanks in Advance

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Guest airdance

Well with the information you have given, I would be surprised if anyone could help you unless they were physic.


You have managed to narrow it down to the high res mods, so that is a plus.   Now the trick is to determine if the mods are conflicting with other mods, or is something else the root cause.


 What are the specs for your computer?...maybe you do not have enough memory, or CPU speed, or a graphics card to run high res anything.


What is your load order, and what does your papyrus log say?



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ssme http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50305/?

enbdev http://enbdev.com/mod_tesskyrim_v0250.htm

enb presets http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/searchresults/?src_order=1&src_sort=0&src_view=2&src_tab=1&src_name=enb&src_showadult=1&page=1&pUp=1


The first is the most important, start there, and as Airdance stated show ur system specs, Your Video memory could be a choke point

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Guest Ragna_Rok

uhm... you do know that most "hd-texture-packs" are just the original textures, exported, scaled up, and imported back again? i talk about armor and weapons, i got no clue about body-mods though.


if you also meant armor and weapons high res, simply erase that crap id say. tadaaa! perfomance boost ahoi! ... Harrr! :)

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Well texture is texture u know... doesnt matter weapon, body or anything else its a file :P

And about ur advice, as i said i love those mods! im trying to find a way to fix this stupid problem of Skyrim

And yeah its kinda like the problem that if u use HD textures it may crash the game when using character creation! from my knowledge its the memory problem of Skyrim that some how fill up fast and wont empty! SSME made it worst for me but it seems that ENB is helping though i need to test more!

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