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  1. I did but again none of new things triggered so i reverted back to old version and it worked fine
  2. this mod is way broken, can people who have fixed the problems share the file plz?
  3. everything is on max/correct option but only npcs which are idle will engage such as guards and patrons and etc, normal npcs never approach. anyway how often does this mod get updated? there is so much dialogue features locked in creationkit!
  4. btw i did check the dialogues in creationkit and there seems to be alot of cool interactions in there which are not used in the mod why is that? can anyone enable them all or teach me how to do it?
  5. same i recently updated the this mod and SLHH to latest version and no one approach even on max setting, i did even "quest reset" both mods but still nothing! any idea? EDIT: more info, im using LE and i did a clean reinstall of the mod and still nothing, also i should mention again that old versions worked without problem... damn i know i should had updated the damn thing and yet again i fell for it >.< EDIT: ok i guess i kinda found whats wrong, the mod does work but somehow ONLY patrons will approach the player... not sure why but it seems it doesnt effect any
  6. Hey everyone Im a huge fan of elysees mods and recently noticed he have created alot of new mods which sadly i cannot find anywhere! they dont have links and even some that do lead to nowhere! and his nexus website is not updated either so i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find this new cool mods! Here his youtube link and the mods videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/elysees2/videos
  7. yeah fixed it by replacing the old ssl facial file
  8. ok this mod messed up all my chars mouths during blowjob! can someone plz tell me how to revert it back to old one?
  9. can someone plz upload the updated NIUR collection? :S
  10. it doest work because the shape of feet in high heels are different with the reference ones and i cannot find any other CBBE shoes which have same shape in order to use as reference
  11. can u give me a more indept guide plz? iv never done this before, im in outfit studio, loaded the shoes (i only want the shoes to be cbbe) i clicked File>Make Conversion Reference and then it told me i need to have at least 1 slider which is not zero, so i changed 1 slider and clicked ok, now what? im stuck here :S
  12. Does anyone know if this one have CBBE bodyslide somewhere?
  13. Can u plz convert and add CBBE bodyslide for this? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MbANuor4_04kCSAVcjhGIOjpT7q10_VS/view
  14. thanks alot do you know any other female outfits with bulge slider??
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