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Since nobody at the official forum seems to have the slightest clue, how do i mod the following :


-Adjust the amount of caps shopkeepers have


-Add/change the items a shopkeeper has for sale


-Either make a shopkeeper carry their inventory on their person, or somewhere nearby (rather than a magical vault that you cant get to)


-Make vendorton stock the unique weapons he is supposed to when gloria dies.

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Sorry i won't be helpfull because i never modded fallout3, but you can find few mods that increase the amount of caps shopkeepers have so you should try looking at them.


For items they sell, you can see that when you buy something in shop that person loses items in room around. So probably there is an easy script or something else in those items so that they are owned by shopkeeper and ar added AS SELL item.


But really i have no idea since i never used the program, so don't hate me for that, just trying to help.

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Since nobody at the official forum


As in Bethforum ?? That place must have died out, then, to much flamewars makes that sometime.


to change a shopkeeper gold, open the relevant shopkeeer and go to the AI Data tab, in here you can change most aspect for shopkeeper. like gold what to barter etc..


as to change what they sell, you have to look if the shopkeeper don't have any crate attached to it, if it has you can add more stuff there or else it will be in his or her inventory tab.


last point i am not sure what you try to achieve.

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last point i am not sure what you try to achieve.


The Gun Runners vendortron is supposed to stock some energy weapons if you wipe out the Van Graffs, but it's chance based and very rare. I haven't looked at the code, but I expect it's working fine and our intrepid modder isn't happy with the "dice roll" when the game decides what the vendortron has in stock on a given day.



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