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First Person Camera Problem


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in my recent trips to Skyrim I encountered an annoying problem.

When switching into vanilla First Person View, the camera seems to "float" a bit higher than usual, additionally the controls are a bit weird and it feels like floating. On top of that I can rotate the camera into very large angles and when upside down, I'm able to see my third-person body mesh (arms, once complete body no head though),as if the camera is 1 m behind them. Intriguing is, that when switching to First Person, the camera adjusts its angle on itself, till looking at the bottom in a kinda 45° angle. When looking further down, i can "hover" over the ground in low height.

I can live with that since I dont use FP anyway, but what bothers me, is that ever since I've experiencing this issue, my crosshair in Third and First Person View seems to be quite off, to the extent that im trying for 20-30 Seconds to focus on a character or worse an object until im being presented interaction possibilities.

Im not sure if the following issue is also because of the same source, but I've been experiencing micro lag/low FPS  when moving the camera in exterior areas at around the same time.

I would also like to add, that even before the recent Memory Fix my setup was extremely stable, maybe a CTD every 3-4 hours at max at approx. (none since) 230 activated mods.The problem has really just recently come to existence.


Also happens upon making a new game. When entering the Alternate Life cell, I hear a spell effect and the character faces the ground curiously.

SKSE Version:

Mod Manager: ModOrganizer

FNIS: 4.11

Skeleton: Custom XPMS 1.92 [from Loverslab]

Suspected roots of the problem:

Immersive First Person

Abovementioned Skeleton

(Updated FNIS)

Enhanced 3rd Person camera

Master the Space-Time Continuum

HDTHighHeel System


Disabled Sexlab Submit Belts: Maybe error script bloat (Counterargument: Bug also happens in the cell of Alternate Life, before exiting)

DanceTogether (!This is actually my prime suspect, since I experienced quite a few strange camera glitches and disabled controls when using it, though I did not activate it in my primary save whatsoever. However the problem really stroke me for the first time after using this mod [remember: I never saved after using it] and I suspect, that it may have changed an ini.file)

My load order:

SKSE Plugins

SKSE Version:


Fuz Ro D'oh.dll Version:









zzEstrusUtil.dll (not yet used)

Recognised Plugins

These plugins are recognised by BOSS and have been sorted according to its masterlist. Please read any attached messages and act on any that require action.

Skyrim.esm Active

Update.esm Active
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}
* Contains dirty edits: 92 ITM, 3 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859") cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here ("http://www.creationkit.com/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Guide_-_TES5Edit").

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp Active
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev, Stats}}

Dawnguard.esm Active
* Contains dirty edits: 619 ITM, 82 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859") cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here ("http://www.creationkit.com/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Guide_-_TES5Edit").
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}

Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp Active
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev, Stats}}

Dragonborn.esm Active
* Contains dirty edits: 61 ITM, 8 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859") cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here ("http://www.creationkit.com/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Guide_-_TES5Edit").

Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp Active
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Stats}}

ApachiiHair.esm Active

ApachiiHairFemales.esm Active

RaceCompatibility.esm Active

AemersRefuge.esm Active

ETaC - RESOURCES.esm Active

hdtHighHeel.esm Active

phiNoFF.esm Active

Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm Active

SexLab.esm Active

SexLabAroused.esm Active

SPIKE.esm Active

TERAArmors.esm Active

UndergroundBathhouse.esm Active

WinterholdDestruction.esm Active

ZaZAnimationPack.esm Active

Devious Devices - Assets.esm Active

Brawl Bugs CE.esp

DSAMG - Miraak Music Fixes.esp Active

RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp Active

Serana.esp Active

enb_reference.esp Active

Better Dynamic Snow.esp Active

RevampedExteriorFog.esp Active

AOS.esp Active
* Note: See also AOS compatibility patches ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/44541/") page on Nexus.

Remove Interior Fog V2 - Dragonborn.esp Active

Remove Interior Fog V2 - Dawnguard.esp Active

Remove Interior Fog V2 - Skyrim.esp Active
* Note: Use Remove Interior Fog V2 - Dawnguard.esp in addition to include Dawnguard locations.

Dark Dungeons for Dawnguard.esp Active

Further Dark Dungeons for ENB.esp Active

StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp Active

StaticMeshImprovementMod-DragonbornTernFix.esp Active

StaticMeshImprovementMod-FurnitureChestSnowFix.esp Active

AMatterOfTime.esp Active

ApachiiHelmetWigs.esp Active

Auto Unequip Ammo.esp Active

Bag of Holding.esp Active

BeeingFemale.esp Active

BorderSense.esp Active

EpisodeParallax.esp Active

High Level Enemies.esp Active
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Relev}}

High Level Enemies - Dragonborn.esp Active
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Relev}}

High Level Enemies - Raised Ability Caps.esp Active

NS_HuntingGroundsOutfit.esp Active

LoversComfort.esp Active

LoversVictim.esp Active

MF_RadiantProstitution.esp Active

Populated Lands Roads Paths.esp Active

Pupetteer Master.esp Active

PuppetMaster.esp Active

SexLabMatchMaker.esp Active

SexLabSquirt.esp Active

SexLab_Hormones.esp Active

SexLabNudeCreatures.esp Active

Sextreme-All.esp Active

Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp Active

WetandCold.esp Active

RaceMenu.esp Active

RaceMenuPlugin.esp Active
* Note: RaceMenuPlugin is optional and provides support to alter Height, Breast, Glute and Biceps. If you experience issues with it, disable RaceMenuPlugin.esp and inform the author.

RaceMenuOverlays.esp Active

SkyUI.esp Active

iHUD.esp Active

Enhanced 3rd Person Camera.esp Active

Ancient Skyforge Armor.esp Active

Aradia Lace Dress.esp Active

BFPU Orcish Armor.esp Active

BlackSacramentArmor.esp Active

BlackSacramentDBReplacer.esp Active

BlackWisteria.esp Active

BnS Scorpion Set.esp Active

Cloaks.esp Active
* Contains dirty edits: 2 ITM, 0 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859") cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here ("http://www.creationkit.com/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Guide_-_TES5Edit").

CrainteVomir.esp Active

Daedric Extra Armor.esp Active
* Warning: Contains unexpected (or out of order) records. A compatibility patch fixed and cleaned with TES5Edit can be obtained here. (Compatibility Patch ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26230"))

Darklilith.esp Active

DemonHunterArmor.esp Active
* Note: Be sure you have the correct version for the body type installed: DIMONIZED UNP ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6709") or CBBE ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2666")

Devious Devices - Integration.esp Active

Devious Devices - For the Masses -DB- Outfits.esp Active

Devious Devices - FtMOutfitsDB - merge.esp Active

Elewin Jewelry.esp Active

Fairytale.esp Active

FJ_TsunArmor.esp Active

Forbidden Ebony Armor.esp Active

FS_UltimateAssortment.esp Active

GattiBondage0.esp Active
* Requires: CBBE ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2666")

GDZZJJDH.esp Active

Hentai_mixed_Armor.esp Active

HentaiSuccubusArmor.esp Active

Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp Active
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}

Huntress.esp Active

Insanity's Dragonbane.esp Active

Immersive Weapons.esp Active
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}

isilNarsil.esp Active
* Contains dirty edits: 17 ITM, 0 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859") cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here ("http://www.creationkit.com/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Guide_-_TES5Edit").

KURESE Gloria conversion.esp Active
* Requires: DIMONIZED UNP ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6709")

Lethal Majesty.esp Active

Lich King's Armor.esp Active
* Warning: Contains unexpected (or out of order) records. A compatibility patch fixed and cleaned with TES5Edit can be obtained here. (Compatibility Patch ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26230"))

LustmordVampireArmor.esp Active

MaskofBlades.esp Active

Neo's Devilmaid2.esp Active

Neo's Selene.esp Active

NewmGlassRobe.esp Active

NewmillerSuccubusBikini.esp Active

NewmillerSuccubusBoots.esp Active

NewVampChainsCuirass.esp Active

NiaOutfitBBP.esp Active

nightshade_armor.esp Active

NN_ElvishDresses.esp Active

One handed Crossbow.esp Active

rosarmor.esp Active

Skimpy Plate Armor.esp Active
* Requires: CBBE ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2666")
* Warning: This file contains unexpected (or out of order) records and should be removed.

SleekSteel_StandAlone.esp Active

SoulArmor_1.0.esp Active

Soul Armor 2 Heavy.esp Active

Sovngarde Steel Armor and Weapons.esp Active
* Warning: Contains unexpected (or out of order) records. A compatibility patch fixed and cleaned with TES5Edit can be obtained here. (Compatibility Patch ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26230"))

Strap.esp Active

TERAArmors.esp Active
* Requires: DIMONIZED UNP ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6709")

TGLNordArmor.esp Active

ThunderBirdArmor.esp Active

Unique Uniques.esp Active

UNP Undies.esp Active
* Requires: DIMONIZED UNP ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6709")

UNPB Barbarian Armor.esp Active
* Requires: UNPB ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14899")

Veteran Nord Plate.esp Active

WestWindAssault.esp Active

WWW.esp Active

XiNafay - Kitty Corset.esp Active

YogWeapons.esp Active

HDT Havok Object.esp Active

LC_immersiveLoot.esp Active

AngrimApprentice.esp Active

CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp Active

Devious Deviants.esp Active

Markarth_plus.esp Active
* Contains dirty edits: 37 ITM, 28 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859") cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here ("http://www.creationkit.com/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Guide_-_TES5Edit").

ub_tapestry.esp Active

whiterunMarket.esp Active

female mannequins.esp Active

female mannequins in homes.esp Active

360WalkandRunPlus-RunBackwardSpeedAdjust.esp Active

BetterQuestObjectives.esp Active
* Warning: This file is out of date. Please obtain the new version here ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32695").

Civil War Overhaul.esp Active

Differently Ebony.esp Active

Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp Active
* Note: Do not clean. "Dirty" edits are intentional and required for the mod to function.

ImmersiveFP.esp Active

Rebirth Monster.esp Active
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}

Schlongs of Skyrim.esp Active

SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp Active

SexLab Solutions.esp Active

SexLab Submit.esp Active

SFO - Expanded Diversity.esp Active
* Note: Uninstall old version of Skyrim Flora Overhaul if using SFO - Expanded Diversity.esp

Convenient Horses.esp Active
* Note: Do not clean. "Dirty" edits are intentional and required for the mod to function.

Convenient Horses - Faster Sprint.esp Active

dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp Active
* Requires: 0 Dragonborn-Dawnguard_Compatibility Patch ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60") \ Dawnguard + Dragonborn.

dD-Dragonborn-EBT Patch.esp Active

zzEstrus.esp Active

aMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons.esp Active

ETaC - Darkwater Crossing.esp Active

ETaC - Dawnstar.esp Active

ETaC - Dragon Bridge.esp Active

ETaC - Dragon Bridge South.esp Active

ETaC - Falkreath.esp Active

ETaC - Ivarstead.esp Active

ETaC - Kynesgrove.esp Active

ETaC - Riverwood.esp Active

ETaC - Rorikstead.esp Active

ETaC - Morthal.esp Active

ExpandedWinterholdRuins.esp Active

RiftenThiefEdition.esp Active

Solitude A City Of Trade.esp Active

Tamriel Reloaded.esp Active

DawnofWindhelm.esp Active

RealisticRoomRental.esp Active
* Contains dirty edits: 44 ITM, 0 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859") cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here ("http://www.creationkit.com/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Guide_-_TES5Edit").
* Warning: This file contains 1 deleted NavMesh record(s) that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game. NavMesh deletions should be reported to the mod author. A guide to repairing NavMesh deletions with TES5Edit ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859") is located here ("http://www.iguanadons.net/Skyrim-Fixing-Navmesh-Deletion-Using-TES5Edit-511.html").

RRR_Dragonborn-Patch.esp Active

Predator Vision.esp Active


WerewolfMastery.esp Active

WerewolfPerksExpanded_1.6.esp Active
* Contains dirty edits: 2 ITM, 0 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859") cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here ("http://www.creationkit.com/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Guide_-_TES5Edit").

WerewolfPerksExpanded_1.6b.esp Active
* Contains dirty edits: 2 ITM, 0 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859") cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here ("http://www.creationkit.com/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Guide_-_TES5Edit").

Apocalypse - The Spell Package.esp Active

MasterTheTimeAndSpaceTOGGLE.esp Active

FNISspells.esp Active

ACE Realistic Fighting.esp Active

CombatCaster.esp Active

DragonCombatOverhaulDragonborn.esp Active

The Dance of Death.esp Active
* Warning: Dawnguard detected. Use The Dance of Death - Dawnguard Edition.esp instead.

ACE BYOG.esp Active

ACE Speech.esp Active

ACE Archery.esp Active

ACE Armor.esp Active

ACE Enchanting.esp Active

ACE Magic.esp Active

ACE Melee.esp Active

ACE Smithing.esp Active

ACE Synergy.esp Active

DanceTogether.esp Active

Pinup Poser.esp Active

SexLab Cumshot.esp Active

SGHailPackAllinOne.esp Active

The Coenaculi.esp Active

Tribal Tattoo Overlays.esp Active

TSFemaleWarPaints.esp Active

3DNPC.esp Active

RealisticNeedsandDiseases.esp Active
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}
* Requires: RND_Water-Patch.esp

RND_Dawnguard-Patch.esp Active

RND_Dragonborn-Patch.esp Active

RND_USKP-Patch.esp Active
* Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Relev}}

SexLab RND.esp Active

HothFollower.esp Active

Inigo.esp Active

HothFollower UFO Patch.esp Active

DanarielStormbow.esp Active

Tauriel.esp Active

AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp Active

Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp Active

dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp Active
* Note: Ragdolls will conflict with other mods that change the skeleton.nif. Check Custom Skeleton Replacers ("http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16712") for compatibly with other skeleton.nif.

CharGen Morphs.esp Active

CharGen ECE Morphs.esp Active

BloodyFacials.esp Active

Better Summoning Visuals - TheGreyLight.esp Active

WATER.esp Active

WATER DB Waves.esp Active

AFT_iNPCFix.esp Active

CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive - ApachiiSkyHair Patch.esp Active

AOS_WetandCold Patch.esp Active

xazPrisonOverhaul.esp Active

Unrecognised Plugins

The following plugins were not found in the masterlist, and must be positioned manually, using your favourite mod manager or by using BOSS's user rules functionality. You can submit unrecognised plugins for addition to the masterlist directly from this log by clicking on a plugin and supplying a link and/or description of its contents in the panel that is displayed.

CoverSelf.esp Active

ERSO 30 - Better Enemy AI Dragonborn.esp Active

Albae.esp Active

ShellBondage - Bombshell.esp Active

Albae - Kopie.esp

SexLab Vanilla Voices.esp Active

Aradia Living Armour.esp Active

AradiaRogueArmor.esp Active

Equipping Overhaul.esp Active

PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest.esp Active

SexLab Trainers.esp Active

SLDesc.esp Active

TreestumpConversions.esp Active

Ebony Catsuit.esp Active

Ocean's Allure.esp Active

BlacktalonArmorV11UNP.esp Active

Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp Active

Davjes_7BSorceressArmorHHS.esp Active

ChaPi - Hot Dress - Bombshell BBP.esp Active

Zipsuit.esp Active

GothiChix.esp Active



Dont know how to find or generate papyrus log files. Are the only generated on CTD, or can I generate one via console? Please let me know, how to provide one, and if any other files (.ini's) could help you in helping me.


Thank you in advance for your help. 




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As well as what you describe, In first person when running does your view move up ~90 then back when you stop ?

Just had that badness spent a couple of days tryng to find cause, it  may be IFP as after its update found on entry to IFP upside down view undid the update and was OK

then a few days latter it borked....

Only solution I have found is a complete reinstall and new game... (yes I tired old game save, recreate ini, reload skse and use old game files)

still slowly putting mods back in but hope my "master" save after play getting to good level  (20+) with basic mods only (no SL etc ever enabled) will be OK..


If some one finds a better soloution I wil be happy/anoyed


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