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The Hotkey Inderterminacy


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So Skyrim vanilla hotkeys stink...

As did Oblivion's...

Thankfully, Mods exist


However the issue remains uncertain, as there are still problems with dual wielding items and assigning hotkeys to left hand

Last week I wanted to be able yo hotkey a dagger to a left hand so It wouldn't replace my main weapon (That's how much I don't like daggers... except for left hands of course...I'm a dagger segregationist) I succeeded thanks to a mod, though I can't poison it unless it's in the right hand. So it works but it's not perfect... and it takes a while and may not work when in the middle of a laggy battle consuming all your fps


But there's yet another bigger issue that remains


I'm talking about dual wielding


The only way to successfully hotkey a dual wield is to have the exact same item with no modifications at all.

No more no less


So what if you want to modify your beloved daedric tier dual blades, make them legendary and add some kickass enchantments?

You went ahead and applied the same smithing improvement to both, you used two equally large grand soul gems filled with grand souls from two identical mammoths (or black soul gems collected from random bandits), you applied the same fire enchantment to both with the same amount of charges, and named them with the same name. In inventory they appear as the same item, but can you dual wield them with hotkeys?


Not anymore darlin'


What if you try a different approach and put on different enchantments and name them differently?

It still blows in your face, as every time you press one hotkey or the other... the item replaced is the one on your right hand

So you're only able to hotkey a one handed wielding no matter how you look at it


So I was wandering if this issue was ever fixed by any mod?

Ideally you would be able to hotkey dual things just as if they were untouched as long as they were named equally and had the same properties...

I saw some mods that allow to hotkey a dual combo, you press the key and both left and right get changed but that's not exactly the perfect thing... the perfect thing would be to press the key once for one handed, twice for dual wield just like spells.


I know some people may not care because favourite menu

But being a mage my favorite menu is pretty damn large with all them different spells and I use them all at some point... some more then others but I use a lot of different approaches


So does anybody know a of a mod, a configuration or a thing to make this ideal dual wield possible?

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That annoyed me as well to an extent. I haven't played the game that long or put as many hours in etc. I don't have that many weapons but I would also like to be able to control what hand etc that the weapons go to without having to stop and use favorites and equip them.


I hope find the solution..

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