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Skyrim Online


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Hmm might be interesting if everything will work...




Skyrim Online turns your single experience into an online experience, play with your friends, chat with people worldwide, trade with other players...


Currently in the alpha stage you can see other players (appearing as a spectral horse), you can also chat with everybody.


The mod also includes an Arena to fight with waves of creeps.


Installation :


0) Back up your config files, this mod will rewrite them !!!

1) Unrar the file in your Skyrim root folder.

2) Create a shortcut for SkyrimOnline.exe on your desktop


Usage :


- Start SkyrimOnline.exe, it will automatically update the mod and then allow you to start the game with the mod.

- When you enter the game, you will be prompted for a username, enter whatever username you feel like using there is no authentication yet.

- To switch between UI mode and Game mode press F3.



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Yeah i read about this on /v/


It actually works, just needs a lot of work to be done. Right now it's more like Skyrim with an online IIRC chat and some naked herp derps dancing around Whiterun and riverwood.


This would definitely be fun with some bros on a LAN for sure.

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Cool idea, but I think this kind of game is better in single player. More immersive, and you can take it more seriously, rather than just having a laugh with your mates from work or college, randomly terrorising towns and commiting sex crimes on eachother, or just glitch hunting (which I find REALLY boring lol. "I know, lets all fall through the terrain for 2 hours, that'll be fun!".


Having said that, I think doing some hard quests with one or more REAL companions (people you actually know, not random internet "friends") could be really fun, especially with headsets. I can just see it turning into a world of butthurt, oversensitive lore fanatics though (and I DONT mean people who simply think lore is important, but people that are unhealthily obsessed with it).

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Hmmm' date=' Skyrim online + adult mods = Medeival red light district?



Well if this project has a future it will most likely turn out like that, even without adult mods... Just look at World of Warcraft.


Yeah. All I can say is Goldshire on the Moonguard server.. Heh :D

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