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Followers and CharGen Extension?

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Hey there!


This may seem like something of a boneheaded topic, but I do not know the answer...


I am curious to learn if downloadable followers can be made which use Expired/Nuska's "CharGen Extension" mod to alter their facial features? If so - how? I don't think I've actually seen it covered before, although it seems to be done routinely these days using ECE. :huh:

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I believe you can, but you still have to import facial data through racemenu I think. Not sure though.


You can save facial presets that include Chargen using the f5 key, which I use frequently to save my character's face over multiple saves so I don't have to MAKE THE DANG Face every single time I want to test something.

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You can use the exported headparts in custom followers.  There are some tools needed to do it though, but I can't recall which ones at the moment.  I'm sure its been mentioned in the racemenu/chargen extension forum on the nexus which ones work best and the process to do it.


Expired's mods usually have terrific support, so if you ask on there, I'm sure someone will point you in the right direction.

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Unfortunately there's only the one general Comments thread for the mod, and it's over 1000 posts long & still going - any specific "How To" guide for using CharGen Extension in this way is either absent or buried. :unsure:






(**Expired's Description info** - SOURCE: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36925/?)


Export Head

The export head feature is mainly used for copying custom head geometry onto a custom NPC. DO NOT USE DIRECTLY. You can use NifSkope to copy the TriShapeData from the exported head onto an NPC, this will allow you to apply the custom morphs to a custom NPC as the resulting head will be post morph. You will need to add a few definitions to your nif.xml to open the exported head:

<niobject name="BSFaceGenNiNode" abstract="0" inherit="NiNode">
Facegen node object for grouping.
<niobject name="BSFaceGenBaseMorphExtraData" abstract="0" inherit="NiExtraData">
Facegen extra data object.
<niobject name="BSFaceGenModelExtraData" abstract="0" inherit="NiExtraData">
Facegen extra data object.
<niobject name="BSTextureSet" abstract="0" inherit="NiObject">


There IS information in the Description under the "Export Head" heading (*see above), but it's not exactly beginner-friendly - is anyone able to explain it in greater detail? :huh:


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