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animation compilation (please help)


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total noob here. i've been lurking for a couple weeks now, and i've inferred from several posts that one can mix and match animations from different places, even separating NPC and player animations. i'm not sure how to do this though.


i think i've read enough to figure out a standard BBB (NoMaaM only), but it's not exactly what i'm looking for. before i start replacing files and figuring out mayu's animation overhaul (or equivalent), is something like this even possible?


female NPC animations:

NoMaaM BBB animation replacer (everything except walk)

pretty woman BBB (walk only)


player animations ONLY:

NoMaaM BBB animation replacer (sneak, cast, staff, hand to hand, dodge, horse riding, idles)

pretty woman BBB (walk only)

stylish jump

BBB for SilverRanger

BBB Spell Singer

KSTN Stylized Stance BBB

[possibly] DMC Stylish (i've read that there's issues with mixing BBB with non-BBB animations - i'm not sure exactly what this refers to, though)



is it possible to have a separate animation list for female NPCs, male NPCs, female players, and male players? (this sounds like a longshot, but that would be ideal.)


so far i've got MBP and HGEC Body with BBB installed, and it's working fine. haven't installed any animations yet.


i do have wrye bash (to install all natural), but i'm still unclear as to what it does, even after reading the first tutorial. it can clearly do a lot for modders, but casuals are really only going to use it for installing specific mods. in the case of installing animations, am i right in assuming that i can use wrye bash to pull out specific animations from larger packs and use only those?


i realize that i've got a lot more reading and searching to do. i just want to know what's possible with currently available mods.


i understand there's some conflicts with loversPK - i'm interested in using that, but i figure i'll worry about that when i try to install it in the future. i haven't played oblivion past the prison escape, and i kinda want to get around to that first.

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Wow that is quite a mouthful...where to start.... :)


1. You can download or make a mod to have your pc use custom animations that no one else does.


2. As for NPC's by default there are only one set of animations for all. Now you download mods (or again make one yourself) that can have men use one animation set and women use another. The issue is that you have to make sure the mod you get covers all vanilla NPC's and any that your mods add. Same story for any custom mod you may make for yourself.


3. To meet your female NPC animations deal just install NoMaaM and then download the pretty woman BBB walk animation and overwrite the NoMaaM one and you are set.


4. For your pc - this will require you getting (or making) a custom esp and selecting all of the appropriate animations that you want (note: you will have to make a custom folder to put these in and not just install them to the default locations!)


5. You can have separate lists for all four as long as you get or make a mod that assigns the correct animations to each party.


6. Wrye is a useful utility although most causal gamers tend to only use the install portion and don't forget about the "bashed patch". The bashed patch will allow you to merge mods (freeing up esp slots) and blend together other mods to minimize or eliminate conflicts, which will create a stable game.


The way the animations are assigned (if you decide to create your own esp) is through the CS (construction set) for each character.

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you might also consider Umpa's sexy walk



I appreciate the fact that you are really trying to be helpful but you really are just necro posting here. The person in question made the comment December 16th (I responded the same day). He never responded and hasn't made another post since.


As I said, I think it is great that you are trying to help...however please do it to posts that are recent and not weeks/months old. :)

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