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Nexus Hates Me.. PLEASE HELP! D:


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Hey guys, I'm getting some mods into my skyrim game and the last thing I need for everything to work right is FNIS Behavior V4_0_2 --ALWAYS necessary and FNIS Creature Pack 4_1


However, everytime I try to register an account to nexus so I can download mods from there it won't let me and keeps saying there is something wrong with the SQL Server. 


mySQL query error: ALTER TABLE ibf_pfields_content ADD field_1 text NULL


^ the error code it gives if anyone can figure out what the hell it means.

Really, all I would like is some other way to download the the FNIS files I need other than from nexus, but if anyone can help me out with the registration problem with nexus that would also be great. Thanks for the help in advance!

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Just try again at different times till it works. The nexus has been taking a shit for about 4 weeks or so going up and down more times then a person on sew saw. One minute it's up and running next it's down for maintenance.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and it's used by websites to request data from the database, and send modified data back to it. For instance, when you read this thread, the forum software requests all the posts and some other information (like the posting rules at the bottom, the list of most shared laptops to the left, and so on) from the database using SQL, and when you post a reply, it sends it back to the database, again using SQL.
Nothing you can do about such errors. In all likelihood the website staff has already been notified (in many cases they receive an automatic email whenever an error occurs on the website) and will take care of it, so just sit back and try again a little later.
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