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[Outdated] LoversBedAADKZZ 1.0

Guest Donkey

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Guest Donkey

Name: LoversBedAAKzz

Version: 1.0

Date: 22-4-2011 15:19:39

Author(s): defmotion3, dkzz2




This mod adds the ability for the player character to have fun with npc who are sleeping in a bed. If you want your character to have sex just walk close to npc who is sleeping and animation should automatically kick in.


Also in your inventory an item has been inserted who is called Eat me. Click on it, to activate the orgy style of play, witch means that any npc including you will go into sex mode. To stop this, hit the Y key. To switch to normal mode.




Oblivion Patch (Official 1.2 Patch)

Oblivion Mod Manager

Lovers with pk.esm


Installation Instructions


Copy all the content from this zip to your Obliviondata folder


the ini files goes into:


and esp files goes:



Load order:


Make sure LoversBedNonStop is placed under loversbed


It should look like this:





Uninstallation Instructions


remove the esp and ini files witch you copied in your obliviondata folder


Obliviondataini remove the files called




Obliviondata remove the 2 esp you extracted in Obliviondata


remove the files called:






Vampire mods or playing as a vampire character.


Known Issues


Some mods like vampire animations won't be able to trigger correctly if the animations kicks when you are trying to feed, because of this, Vampire are not compatible.




Change Log


26-01-2012 Re-Up Lovers Bed Russian Edit.



Changes the older version of lovers bed, with the ability to initiate sex when a player character is standing close to another sleeping NPC









Acknowledgments: Forum gamesource.ru




1.Zapreschaetsya used for commercial gain

2.All my rights

3.Using in all other modes (except for the Lover and its extensions, and other authors, publishers, only with the permission of the author defmotion3, dkzz2.



You guys have probably already noticed. But because of other games and short space of harddrive.

I decided to remove all contents of oblivion to make space for other games like New vegas and skyrim


And because of this i no longer support oblivion or will update or create new content for it. Because of this

I give permission for others who wants to make new additions based of my work to continue with there progress.


The only thing i do ask. If you are using anything from me not to forget to mention my name, because i spend allot

of time creating those mods and translations.


Donkey Signing off for Oblivion..



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Guest Donkey

It's an extension for the older one. And actually replace something altogether.


But some may not like the change, that is why Antiscamp created the other download option fro the older loversBed, who allowed couple to have sex while they where sleeping in a bed. And you could sneak in and watch the show.


If you use see you sleep, this will get even more interesting. You can just sleep in a bed, and wait till someone sleeps next to you and the animation should also play.

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Guest Donkey

What type of beds are these ?? are they from the vanilla game itself or did some other mod create these beds ?? This is important because if the mod in question changed something for the bed some of the animation won't play right.



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Nice update, though I wish it were compatible with vampires.  Im not sure if its possible, but perhaps if a vamp is sneaking and they bring up the "feed, Talk" menu, using feed that way could let vamps feed normally, while getting close will trigger the sex scene.



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Having some trouble with this one, I can hop on the bed and animations start, but once I'm on I can't get off... the bed. It just keeps going on and on, redressing then starting over for more.  Anyone else having this problem or know what I'm doing wrong?

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NonStop.esp may confict with other addons. Few times I couldn't finish rapes "normal" way and on other hand my char. couldn't exit Cloud Ruler Temple East Wing because of eternal sex with everyone who was in room and... above ::)


I don't really remember where I have it in load order, though.

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I like this version.

IMHO, this is what the mod should've been like from Day 1.  This was the version I was hoping for when the very first file went up.  I like the fact that you have about 3 seconds to back off before the sex starts (which is good, in case you just happen to realize it's a sleeping orc in the bed and you don't want your beautiful girl to give it up to ol' Faceache).


Thanks for this, I appreciate it

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add in xpos.ini your favourite poses



set axpos.a0 to 22

set axpos.a1 to 30

set axpos.a2 to 31

set axpos.a3 to 33


set axpos.a4 to 63


set axpos.a5 to 13

set axpos.a6 to 40

set axpos.a7 to 9

set axpos.a8 to 25

set axpos.a9 to 28

set axpos.a10 to 110

set axpos.a11 to 147

set axpos.a12 to 141

set axpos.a13 to 8

set axpos.a14 to 7

set axpos.a15 to 6

set axpos.a16 to 5

set axpos.a17 to 4

set axpos.a18 to 3

set axpos.a19 to 2

set axpos.a20 to 1




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Guest Donkey

Having problems with the Animation with the LoversBed mod...(ex. Error XLoversPKrGetMotionParambySPosIndex  SPOS = 63) that is just one of the errors...if anyone know where to get the animations that would be great...


The real problems is, there are different animations packs, what animation one has the other could be missing. I am currently playing with my own custom one.


But some have complained it has some crappy animations in it. So i hate uploading this up again, since it was pretty big last time i checked. If you want to be absolutely sure to have correct one, go to gamesource and download their pack and override your own. That should solve all problems with the diffrent Russian translations here.

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is it possible to make this into like a mode u can toggle to? since ure already using "Y" to turn off the orgy mode, y not use it as a toggle for this mod (this mod is nice, but i also like going on top of a sleeping person for the special animation kill for targets [4got which animation mod]) or maybe make it so it only happens in sneak mode (or happens normally except for sneak) or hold block or something

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The item is in your inventory, but it doesn't have an icon, so search carefully.


A hint for those who want to use this mod as vampires, or simply can't get enough time to evade the serial intercourses:


open the LoversBed.ini and go to line "set xLoversBedQuest.delaymax to 1" , change that value to 5 or more.

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The item is in your inventory' date=' but it doesn't have an icon, so search carefully.


A hint for those who want to use this mod as vampires, or simply can't get enough time to evade the serial intercourses:


open the LoversBed.ini and go to line "set xLoversBedQuest.delaymax to 1" , change that value to 5 or more.



I figured as much as I already heard and saw the item being placed into my invent.


However, I asked WHERE it was placed. I doubt it is into weapon and armor section, so in which section is it placed and in which subsection? Alchemy, quest books, keys?

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Hi there' date=' I'd like to try this mod, but I cannot get my hands on The Non stop Bed plugin. Anyone got a link?





It is included in this version LoversBedAADKZZ 1.0 on the main page.

There should be 2 files. LoversBed.esp and LoversBedNonStop.esp

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