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Curse of Hircine mesh problem


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I've recently installed the CoH beta 3 version and when I transform the head of my character changes into the werewolf head but the body doesn't.

Also,when attacking the animation plays the same as last weapon I had equipped and I can't feed on dead NPCs either.

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Well sometimes it helps to read a page before downloading something especially like the first line that says *This version is out of date and unsupported. Please check out Curse of Hircine Resurrected, the unofficial continuation of this mod* I also don't think it's a mesh problem but a script error as something like a transformation would need scripts that would call up the werewolf transformation and body swapping.

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I did originally use Resurrected but I switched since I thought it wouldn't work with LPK.(I probably should have mentioned that in the first post)

I haven't actually transformed in Resurrected,but NPC's seem to work fine.I just don't like how the new Skyrim-like model fits animations.

Is there any way to use the new version but keep the old,straighter werewolf models?Like manually swapping the meshes?

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