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Not sure where to post this but sounded important.

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Seem in Europe the police in Germany and several other countries are installing some kind of spysoftware on citizens pc's without their consent.


I am not sure why they would even go this far, since we know what Germany did in the second world war, it's like they just never learn..


Anyway this kind of breach is even more Dangerous, what if the bad guys also manage to sneak by and install things without are consent where would we be now ?? :dodgy:


What i like too know is how would they even get between 3 firewalls and virus scanner and if something is installing in the background without me knowing it ??


Besides with noscript and noadds, nothing will be running in the background anyways..

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Could be they are using a backdoor with your OS. Do you have auto updates for windows enabled? Truthfully any government might be able to pull this off by just using Microsoft updates and virus scanner updates.


Having said that I highly doubt that either Microsoft or any of the virus scanner companies would agree to go along but the potential is certainly there.


The only thing for sure is that eventually they will be found out as no government is leak proof.......in the west anyway :)

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No i don't have auto updates enabled but only spyware, like windows defender and antivirus software. are the only once being updated but not on automatic.

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well the cia already has a back door into windows already i believe.

this isn't any worse that all the other crap the government has pulled recently in the name of "protecting" us.


our government is owned by corporations anyway. look at SOPA, nothing but a law to oppress us in the name of protecting "IP"


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If it's our government doing this kind of stuff, oh God, we're screwed. In some cases their security policy consists of putting a password in place... "Welcome". They have to know that there's always criminals out there with a lot more savvy than they got, who will abuse their system in any way they can find.

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