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  1. henlo I was wondering if there's a mod out there with a hairstyle similar to 'Wrapped Horsetail' from Elder Scrolls Online? I love it there, would love to have it in Skyrim as well. Hairstyles are pretty hard to google, they're not really organized or anything. They're not in KS or Apachi, though someone might have encountered it in more obscure hairpacks? Examples:
  2. The Chloe quest should lead you there eventually, it has quest markers, I think. IIRC you just need to follow the eastern coastline from dawnstar and should see it pretty quickly.
  3. If you have SoS, Try setting the breast rope as revealing (assuming it's using the body slot) You could also try and see if Devious Device's 'Devices Underneath' feature is hiding the strap-on
  4. Have you lurked the Slaverun thread? IDK about the SSE edition, but in the original slaverun thread someone posted a fix that allows you to play Slaverun together with DDi 4.2
  5. Missing textures or models does not tend to crash your game aside from the rare case where you're missing so many of them to cause a stack overflow of errors. At what point does it crash? Before the main menu? On loading a save? During gameplay? BTW, for future reference, the Downloads - Skyrim Adult & Sex Mods is for posting your adult non-SL mods for people do download and discuss. Questions about MNC belong in the MNC thread.
  6. It's not like succubus drain gives you horns or any other physical traits or anything. And it's customizable so IIRC you can just disable the bonuses you get if you want. Then you can just pretend it's not a succubus drain mod but instead whatever kind of drain you're thinking of.
  7. Which body texture are you using here? Been looking for one with pronounced vascularity like that.
  8. I believe there used to be a mod like that here but it seems to have been deleted In any case, I believe it wasn't very complicated. In-game, click "Open" on one of the vanilla posters to see where the posters are saved. Then if you know the format of the images and their respective filenames you can just dump any image you want in there and the game should load them up and show them on the posters etc.
  9. I forget to build bodyslide every now and then but I never had it cause things to straight out disappear. Usually it just means bodies morph to the default shape when wearing things, or clip if they're accesorries. So that shouldn't be a problem, especially if you don't have any body morphs fancy enough to notice a difference between bodyslided and default. If you wanna use bodyslide, it's not too hard. Not gonna go into detail since this isn't the thread for that, but just download a preset and/or mess around with the sliders until you like the body then batch build (should probably check build morphs too) Have you installed any other mods with new items that worked? Make sure you got all the meshes and textures from devious devices and cursed loot.
  10. If your character is naked but has no nipples, you do have some sort of nude mod installed, which usually comes with textures., or else you'd be seeing underwear... In case you use MO, and you do have a body texture installed, click on the mod on the left panel and see if anything is overwriting the body texture (it should be red). Sometimes these barbie doll textures are caused because you do have a nude mod but some non-adult other mod overwrites the body texture with something close to vanilla. You can just drag the culprit to a lower priority. In case you don't, other mod managers overwrite your shit so you're gonna have to download a seperate skin texture and overwrite them again. 'Mature Skin' is great for a detailed texture that fits Skyrim's vanilla vibe, 'Fair Skin' is good if you're looking for a cartoony porcelain skin. Also, yeah, no SoS = no dingelongs
  11. I saw a few posts here mentioning a bug here on the early chloe boss chest being empty, and none of them had a solution other than loading, so for future reference: The item that's supposed to be in the chest is called "Ledger". Name is pretty generic so 'help ledger' will probably return multiple but it was the top one for me. Use additem to get the ledger, read it, and the quest should update just as, if you've looted it.
  12. Don't remember ever having this issue with SLIF before, but suffering extreme bload with this. Save file over 50 MB before even leaving the LAL prison. Wandered about Solitude a bit, and in maybe an hour of playtime at most my saves exploded up to 250MB(!!!) Too large to load into resaver, but luckily I make a new save every time, so I loaded in an older save of about 99 MB and saw this under "Undefined elements". At a glance it seems like it's spamming registerActor() in an infinite loop. Terminating ScannerAlias reduced my file to 34MB and deleting it completely reduced the file to 14 MB. This gives me more than enough cause to know where to point my finger at. I know this is likely just something on my end, but the instructions say quite straightforwardly "Anywhere in your load order", So I don't know what I could've fucked up here
  13. Where in the MCM did you find this? It sounds like an hexademical RGBA default value than an error code
  14. Are you using bodyslide? Since this top is does not support bodyslide, it'll clip unless everything else you're wearing doesn't support bodyslide either.
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