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ENBLocal file - setting VideoMemorySizeMb parameter


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I decided to upgrade my ENB to something shinier. This may be a silly question but I'm unsure of what value I should enter into the VideoMemorySizeMb parameter in the enblocal.ini file (I am a complete noob when it comes to computers btw).


I came across a formula for this:

"VideoMemorySizeMb is the VRAM of your video card. If you have a 64 bit OS, you can use this formula (VRam + Ram) - 2048"

Link: http://enbseries.enbdev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2291&start=120


My "Installed Memory (RAM)" is 8gb on a 64-bit OS.


For the display adapter (I think it breaks down the total into categories), it states I have:

-Total Available Graphics Memory 4854 Mb

-Dedicated Video Memory 1024 Mb

-Shared System Memory 3830 Mb



Up till now, I have been running 4200 Mb for the Video parameter which worked fine for my old ENB. But the new one requires more. 


Based from the above formula, can I set the parameter as (4854 + 8000) - 2048 = 10806?

Is it OK if I use mroe than the VRAM from my graphics card and will the game draw memory from my normal RAM?

If I use 10806 Mb, will my computer blow up and undergo spontaneous combustion?


I have a 64 bit OS. Will this work for my computer?

I know what the formula is saying but the enb file specifically says "Video Memory". Is it wise to use something higher than VRAM which draws from normal RAM?







Additional Info:

AMD Radeon HD 6700

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I have the same qn as the OP


@OP, i think the Vram is the dedicated RAM, so ur Vram should be 1024. You have 8gb system RAM so it should be 8192mb



So in my case, i have 2048mb Vram with 8192mb DDR3 RAM.


What the projectENB modder recommend is, using this formula: (Vram + half of RAM)-2048

So basically i put 4096 as the videomemorysizeMB



But what the guy above me said, should i just leave it as 2048??

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actually even enb creator says you can set the setting named VideoMemorySizeMb

To your actual vram + total memory.


so in the original poster case it should be:

-Total Available Graphics Memory 4854 Mb + installed system ram

And that should be enough.


Do not mistake mb for gig


so if videomemory is 4854 mb and you have 8 gig of ram 8 gig equals 8000 MB So in this case it is 4854 + 8000 = 12854 MB this is max you can use.


Do not exceed this value. you can how ever make the value lower then that use that for reserved ram etc.. in the enblocal setting.

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Unless something has changed in memory size prefixes since the days of the 8086 CPU (and CP/M):


prefixes for memory are in powers of 2 (binary noted in hexadecimal)

prefixes for disk storage are in powers of ten (decimal)


On the hard drive 8 GB =8000MB (8x1000)

In memory 8GB=8192MB (8x1024)


Makes you wonder which way an SSD is sized. . .seeing as it is both

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