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Framework Upgrade from 1.24 to 1.31

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I have a quick question regarding how to upgrade the sexlab framework from v1.24 to 1.31: is it safe to simply install the new version over 1.24 via the Nexus Mod Manager or is it mandatory to deactivate all sl plugins and clean/uninstall the framework via the MCM menu and install on a new save without any sexlab mod active? any help is much appreciated

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If it doesn't say anything on the main framework page then I don't think you have to worry but you could always look at the later pages and see if anything was posted there. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16623-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v131-updated-1220/ Also I don't think you ever want to install frameworks with a manager I would say to manually install it so that the files get where they need to be managers tend to screw shit like this up easy.

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thanks for the answers. okay, so I tried overwriting the old installation. MCM updated fine, however suffered a lot microsoft visual c++ runtime freezes or CTD before the animation started. re-installing the c++ runtime 2010 seemed to fix the former issue, however the CTD still appeared at least in 50% before the animation started. after I downgraded to the 1.24 framework the problem did not occur. I then tried the clean uninstall/install method however this caused c++ freeze or ctd every time on save load. papyrus log does not seem helpful to me. at the end of the log before the crash it does not give any error message. the log always ends with the search for animation, it finds 43 animations, lists them and that's it.

on the other hand 1.31 seemed to work perfectly fine during a quick test on a vanilla save. I guess that means it's a save file issue and I should start a new game for the new framework? any advice is appreciated

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