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ZaZ Animations


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I have been playing New Vegas for a couple months now. ZaZ animations has always been one of the mods I always use. Unfortunately I have not been able to see much of it in game. It's not broken (thank God) but after much research and forum browsing I have only seen the tip of this iceberg.


In a nutshell the other mods that utilize ZaZ are either broken, outdated, or you need to have a full moon on the night of a leap year, it has to be on Friday the 13th and with all the planets alined just to see a few of these animations. O.o


I researched into this and as far as I know, Mojave Schoolgirls uses this mod as well as Tryout (Vault 19) which is broken/outdated right now. Also Tryout Powder Gangers uses this but with the Scrambler crash, fetch issue, and if he fetches it's a repeat and you do not get punished for ignoring Eddie's call. (People who have seen my posts before I assume you know the conflicts I have posted and yes I researched all the solutions and it's a hit and miss. Sometimes it works while other times not but remember my knowledge when it comes to coding and mod behavior(s))


I post this not to complain I just want to know is there any other mods out there that utilize ZaZ more or is there something that I completely missed? Also has anyone else noticed/experienced my predicament? Don't get me wrong this does not break the game in anyway. It's a shame that this mod barely gets used and not to it's full potential. :(


Thank you to all who respond. :)

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Not that this is any help to you now, but my WIP "The Diamond Mine: Back in Business" is also planned to use the ZaZ animations.


In all my playthroughs, I believe I've only ever managed to see these animations used once. Since it very much falls within the theme of a brothel, I figure I've got an excellent opportunity to make proper use of them.

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