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Uploads, downloads, version control.


Directory-based file sharing is desired.  

  1. 1. Directory-based file sharing is desired.

    • Yes (waiting/ads aren't so bad)
    • No, forums are better.

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Since there are many collaborations as well as constantly revised OP in threads - not to mention keeping versions straight, since I keep appending dates to the file names when I download - I figure I might suggest a solution.


4Shared is a file sharing, storage, etc site. You can make directories, move files around, easily link them. There's no limit on downloads per person or session. I do believe that setting permissions for people can be done so that a folder for each mod could be added and the 'owner' could upload files to it regularly and allow people to browse for latest versions.


Free accounts get 10GB space, 2GB size limit per file. Though the download speed is 'low' by their standards, a 3mb or even 10mb file shouldn't take long at default speed. There's ads on download and storage features, and wait time before you can download, but that's typical. Also unlimited free traffic for free accounts.


One site/forum uses it to great success, though they did get a paid account due to the volume of files it hosts.



This isn't an advertisement for them or anything - just saying that organizing the files would be much easier. Since LoversLab is obviously bigger than just Sexout/Fallout New Vegas I know the forums are dedicated, but just Sexout's popularity in downloads is quite high and becoming complex what with all the wonderful mods may warrant such measures.


Hell, I'm surprised there isn't already an Obliv/FO3/NV filesharing site account!


If any mods or whoever is in charge frowns on this I'll delete the thread as soon as I see a PM.

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Honestly I think we'd be set if we just had more than one big forum - one for discussion' date=' one for downloads only. Sorta like the Lovers subforum has, but better controlled. :)




Actually there are only 10-15 Sexout related mods and they dont occupy much space, I mean the whole thing would take 50mb or so. Just need someone to keep it organized, like Donkey and Ashal done with lovers downloads boards in the very beginning of this forum :)

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