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  1. Downloaded 2.7 from nexus. Can't really make 2.8 work properly ;( It just doesn't register sex and orgasms through sexlab.
  2. Fresh installation of Skyrim, whatever I do I get SexLab: No Compatibility, tried a new game, male pc, female pc, new game with only sexlab and beingfemale enabled. Whatever I do, after sex I get empty line "Had sex with" in show all stats spell. Also, as a male character the blue sperm(virility?) bar doesn't change if character had sex. So I wonder if sexlab interactions are registered by mod at all... Any way to test it to be sure, except for playing hours and hours? P.S. Using 2.8.1 with clean .esm and 2.8.1 patch by Bane Master.
  3. With overwatch we would need a tool like texmod but for models. We can't just replace files like in any other game.
  4. Don't think that any complex modding is possible for that game. Some guys are working on an API that allows to hook mods, but so far the functionality is limited and it breaks with every game update.
  5. To server owners and admins: Please, take example from JanikaTesla (Tetraverse sever), create a thread with full information about your server, such as: location, mods used, mod order, server description, etc. Don't forget to mention that your server is for Conan Exiles, this section of forums contains threads about variety of adult games, not only Conan Exiles. Also, try to keep updates and important notices in the same thread, there is no need to create a new thread every time when your server migrates or you update your modlist. Let's try to keep it organized and easy to acccess for
  6. TK17 is based on a stolen 3d sexvilla build, 2.6 i think. That version was released almost 10 years ago...its an old engine that was never meant to support high res textures, high poly models etc. Yes, you can force it to use 4gb+ Ram and 4k textures, but it will never be efficient or stable. As 3DMember said, Skyrim is a lot better sex simulator than tk17/3d sexvilla. Which is hillarious. There is also VR Titties sexsim on unreal 4, but its in early alpha i think.
  7. I've started reworking armors using Petro Poroshenko's body meshes, but ran into some issues with lowerbody (vagina weirdly deforming and glitching when I try to apply clothing physics). Also I'm running into a lot of issues when trying to make semi-transparent materials with alpha maps (materials glowing and emitting their own light in the nighttime). So kind of waiting on Petro Poroshenko to update his meshes. Besides that, I'm kind of out of ideas of how to improve the mod. I've done all the armors the don't require texture changes, the rest of the armors (dogs, blackhand, etc) would requir
  8. Certain datatables will expand with datatables from mods. Blueprints still overwrite each other though;(
  9. A good addition for RP servers would be a toggleable by key erection. You can do that by Transform(Modify) bone function in animation blueprint. Pretty much the same way how oxyg1n handled penis scaling in animations.
  10. Sorry to hear that ;( Thanks for all your hard work! A lot of advancement in conan exiles adult modding won't be possible without you!
  11. Nudity depends on server settings. In singleplayer you can set nudity in options->server settings or in steamapps/common/Conan Exiles/Conan Sandbox/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/ServerSettings.ini Just set MaxNudity=2 in that .ini file if your Server Settings ingame menu not working. I had this problem with a very old save from february. For multiplayer... Well, find a new server that has maximum nudity, or if you are an admin, set MaxNudity=2 in .ini file and reboot the server.
  12. No erections yet. I'm still working on it. UE4.12 is lacking some features that 4.14 has that's making a little bit more difficult than I think it should be. So bare with me. I'll let you guys know as soon as the mod can do it. It's been requested quite a few times. Can't you rotate penis bones with Set Bone Rotation by Name ? It's a classic blueprint function. You can set a public bool in animation blueprint for when sex animation starts, get it's value in classic blueprint and rotate penis bones with that function. I don't know to target specific characters with that function though...
  13. Since the last update all mods that modify physics cause game to crash.
  14. Yes, you need to import normals and smoothen groups to get rid of the seams. A lot of mods that use my old meshes have seams, because those meshes were based on old assets from devkit, when those assets themselves had seams. Funcom fixed them in march I think, after I stopped working on skimpy armors mod. Shareih reworked some of the meshes in the Tribal mod (his new jewelry meshes), but a lot of them still are based on old assets. Also, Thor Avengard is working with apex now, expect some new lowerbody armors with cloth physics from him. I will get a week off on 1st of May, and I will rework
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