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The CK GECK Question/Help Thread


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EDIT: I'll be using this thread to handle all my GECK related problems and queries so as to not clutter the forum with random threads. I thank you all for any help.



OK, so my first foray with GECK hasn't gone particularly well.


Basically, whenever I try to load data, it won't save what I load. To clarify:






And then trying to select a plugin to act as a master file:






Gets me this:






So whatever I chose in that data folder and select it so that it has an x by it, and then chose one of the files to be the master one, and press OK afterwards, doesn't seem to save or load. Whenever I click on anything it's clearly empty.


For reference, loading up GECK has all the DLC's ticked with an X and the AR15/AK plugin loaded too, but none of the others. Not sure if that's relevant.


I am using the GECK from the FNV folder, with latest version of NVSE installed. Any help in this matter would be most appreciated.





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did you click on Set as active file ?? Once you click it should switch from Plugin file to active then just press ok.


In order for this to work 1 esp must be set as active. then you can other files as master files etc..


esm cannot be set as active only esp can.

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Yeah thanks Donkey, it seems I had the wrong version of GECK installed for some reason. It *seems* to work fine now.


Thanks evilrunner, that was the problem. I did download from BETH, but for whatever reason when I extracted it to my FNV folder, all the files were replaced EXCEPT GECK.EXE, which meant it didn't update properly.


I'm going to use this thread as my GECK question thread if people don't mind, as it will save me the trouble of creating new threads whenever I find a problem or so .



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Please remember that if you load DLCs in GECK then the plugin will require those - and not everybody has, say, Lonesome Road or whatnot. Loading a mod that has a requirement and setting as active automatically loads its parent and associated files, iirc.


Creating a new esp and setting it as active would generate a new mod rather than editing an existing one.


I haven't done any work with this since early Oblivion days, so my info could be outdated and extremely rusty. Just stating this as trying to be helpful to you as I'm unsure how familiar you are with modding.

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