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Oculus Rift + TES


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Oculus Rift + The Elder Scrools = WIN!!!


Virtual reality? no shit))

I CAN'T Fockin wait when this shit is gonna be available for masses!

I Can only dream about playing Skyrim or next TES with this device+JoyOfPerspectiveMOD(+sexlab maby=)) for total undisputed win.


If you didn't know what's Oculus rift, go find it. Or in simple matter - its 3d motion capture goggles that tracks your head and improve 3d capability.

Pity thou, that its only in developed stage right now, and Creators are selling only development kit for testing pгrposes

Of coarse you also need good audio system for better performance.


There is already DEMO Patches for some games that you can play on it, like Mirrors Edge, Half LIfe 2, Slender, GTA4, WarThunder, Skyrim, and some more..


You can also see this as good example of capabilities.


There is also pros and cons to it:

-Very good performance if motion actions (driving jumping flying), heights, close distances.

-Huds and crosshairs suck ass (at least for now) very hard to calibrate

-Great ability to track angles, if you lean your head like 90degrees, camera will do the same in game.

-Low resolution (for now), because its Beta and still unbalanced, for 3d reasons you need no less that 60 FPS

-Little awkward controlling keyboard and mouse while wearing Oculus. Grabbing reflex still works pretty well)) Brain sometimes forgot needs to push buttons instead of grabbing what you see (case its allmost real)


So yeah guys, that a one tip for you to discuss, what do you think of it and what you expect?? fell free to express.



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