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Other than buffs, what impact does rape/sex have?


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So I'm running Lovers Minor Mod Pack 1.0 and Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP 1.11... and everything in the mod is readable and in English...

I added LoversRaperS too... and that mod that lets you get out of paying fines by fucking.


Soooo, now I can rape or have sex with people and get buffs out of it... so... not really grasping the point or if there is any real impact on the game world from all this fornication. As a guy who's played the infamous "RapeLay" (also cheesy, but moderately arousing), I was hoping Oblivion mods would have more depth / game impact.


Are there any good mods that better integrate consequences or rewards for fornication / rape / being raped?


Are there any add-ons that allow or integrate into the main Lovers package for more BDSM themes with animations?


I'm still trying to get a grasp of how to make the existing sex animation display properly (genitals are pretty much never properly aligned and Lovers doesn't seem to save the settings, even though I have the "backup" mod enabled) but have managed to get the break undies parts working :P


Thanks in advance for the feedback :D

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Internal, I posted how to align the couples in another thread you posted in so check there.


As to impact - well installing Tamagoclub you or they can get knocked up. Installing an STD mod can get you......well ya know. Installing others can make your stats go down if you aren't getting any in a while. And there are bondage and prostitution mods as well as beasty stuff if your into it.


Browse the downloads section and read up on mods so you can understand not only what they do and how but any requirements (other plugins or tools) as well as any problems or incompatibilities they may have.


If you want game changing impact.....nope it is oblivion after all. Completing the main quest gets you a set of armor. Limits of the engine....:(


Rapelay is a great game :) LoversVictims/Lovers Slave trader is kinda a head in that direction but with beasts rather than you training them.

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