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How many times...

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So, how many times has everyone here accidentally overwritten a save because they clicked on the wrong file?


I just did it my second time.


Look at the character I just fucking lost:








I don't even care about the actual save itself, I just care because of the character's face. I have another save that's close enough to that one that I could just change race and face, but I can't duplicate this face to save my life.


Man do I feel like a stupid piece of shit.

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I take precautions against that.


First, always rename yoru saves from there bullshit orignal vanilla names.

Second, always back save games up. I back my toons up based on how often I'm playing them. if my toon jumps several levels or I crank up the hours played, I'll back it up.

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Kodiak oh wise one, you hath learned the modders 1st rule quite well my Son!!!

Always make a backup!!!!!!


Live long and prosper :)


Loli, let it serve as a reminder to the sage advice that Kodiak has given and this will be the LAST time it ever happens.


Sorry for your loss as you always seem to have the most adorable characters. :)

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I am trying so hard right now to remake her face, but it always turns out wrong. I can never get it to be like the way it was. At that, I probably will never be able to make that face again. How the hell did I do it the first time? Damn!


This is really just shitty beyond belief. I've done this before, but at least I could remake that character. This time, though, I really fucked up. I'm never going to be able to play this game again without feeling like shit.


Which is why I have something big to ask. I don't like having to ask this, but clearly I don't have the ability to do it myself, so what choice do I have? Erm, anyway, if... if anyone at all with some sort of skill in generating character faces could help me out here... please, please help me make that face again. This was my favorite character that I had made, and I don't want to lose her.


In the mean time, I'll just keep trying to remake her.

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I wanna give a big shout-out to professional bro PT The Comic Freak!


This guy helped me recreate Claire, even cuter than before:





Hm... should have taken a side-view pic.


And so me and my beauty may once again have sexy adventures together... oof, suddenly I feel like a neet.


Thanks, PT. You really helped me out here.


Now, let's start by backing up Claire's save...

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If you are running win7 there is still one way to save your ass. right click on my games and go to oblivion\saves and use revert options it should restore it from before you decided to override the file. not sure about other operating systems.

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Rule #1 - Never overwrite saves. You never know when it may get corrupted, and sometimes you may have to go back several saves to fix a problem.


I always save in a new slot apart from the streamsave option, which cyles through 20 slots. Periodically I clean out my saves folder, keeping the starter saves of old characters as well as the 10 last saves or so, and zip them up into a safe place. Large amounts of saves tends to make bash slow to load, so have to clean up the folder (if not for the sake of space).

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I can't believe I'm the only one never using the save method. Even with Skyrim now I'm too used to pop up the console and type save XXX with something more relevant than vanilla names...


Anyone else saving like that and quitting with qqq ALL THE TIME?


I know, it became a reflex, can't help it.

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