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How do I remove a spell from an NPC?


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I installed Sexlab and Matchmaker to test if Sexlab is working. I've noticed that some NPCs get stuck in place, and will not move after I cast the matchmaker spell on them. I did some research and found that a "sexual release" buff is causing them to get stuck. 


How do I remove this buff from an NPC? I'm on the Companion's questline and I can't continue, because Farkas is not moving at all. 

I know there's a way to remove a spell from player using the console, but I didn't find one for NPCs. That or I'm blind.

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I have the latest version, but even after uninstalling it Farkas is still stuck. He will talk to me, but he will not follow. I had to use "moveto player" to drag him all the way to dustman's cairn, to find the shard of wuuthrad.


He will go through with the cut scene, when I pulled the lever and got trapped. He even went into werewolf form, but wouldn't fight. After I killed all the silver hand with console commands. He went to pull the release lever, came back and talked to me, and is now in werewolf form just standing around...


I never had any NPCs do this before I started using matchmaker. I'm not sure what to do. Dispelallspells, disable/enable, and resetai aren't fixing him.


And unfortunately I do not have a save that I can go back to before I started using matchmaker.

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Game has hit u with sum funk... not just the mod... you'll have to load an earlier save or start new Game. You can also try fast travel player.placeatme "Farkas Id here".

I still think it's the mod... If I go back in with matchmaker and try to cast irresistable on him, it fizzles out. I think the sexual release buff is stuck on him, but I'm out of ways to try and get rid of it.


He stays stuck whether I have the mod installed or not.

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