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Infinite load screen fix - Safety Load by Kapaer


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Yeah, I'm positive 1.9 started it. Since the problem cropped up for me when I updated. Figured I just had to update all of my mods to 1.9. But problem persisted. I don't get them now since I don't have any non-character/armor texture packs in. But now I don't have to worry :P

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Yeah, I had the game on 1.8 for a long time because I had turned the auto updates off on Steam, and then had took a couple of months away from the game playing other stuff. Came back to play and it was fine, and 1.9 had been out for a month+ so I figured I'd set up the dl(by also grabbing the DLCs cause I didn't have them), and then the infinite loads started.


I figured at the time it was just mods being broke, and only joked that it was the official update doing it.

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