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Is there an adult mod pack or something?

Edvard Westermarck

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I've been thinking of giving this whole Skyrim as an erotic/porn game a try, but there's just too many options and I know nothing. For example, let's say the first step is CBBE. Okay but that doesn't change the face(or does it?) so now I have to pick a face mod. So I install that and my characters look the same, because armor in Skyrim replaces the model, so now I need an armor mod. I then have all that but it's not very erotic, I mean I can get something similar at Elder Scrolls Booru, so I think some animations would be nice. So now I'm looking for animation mods, which require their own mods, and then individual mods often have fixes for Bethesda's official texture pack or to work with each other, etc.


Basically, the huge amount of choice is cool for people like you who want to tweak your character/companion down to the necklace, but for someone like me who just wants an unusual wank or few it's a stone wall.


So basically what I'm asking is, is there some kind of generic all-in-one adult mod pack that I can just install/unpack and I'm done?

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what TnTTnT said.


If you want to get started you can always follow these steps:


1: Find a suitable body model (Adec, Cbbe, UNP. The originals or a variant.)

Old list of several bodies here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21228-favorite-body-replacer-v2/


2: Find a suitable texture pack for the body if the one following the body model mod doesn't appeal


3: Get SexLab + it's plugins of your choice.


4: Find a suitable clothing mod. (like killer keo's, remoddeled CBBE vanilla armor and such).


Spend abit time searching around if you want to find something specific (or ask in the "what mod is this" thread) but thanks to SexLab and other mods it isn't difficult to find a handful of mods that suits what you're looking for :)

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There are too vast selection of mods to pick just a few to build a pack.  No everyone prefer same combination of mods.


I, in example, prefer CHSBHC body mod but there are much more variety.  :cool:


I agree with you, for me is just the CHSBHC to ask!

this body is best proportioned and the breast shape is unbeatable, no other body can compete with this chest. CherryHotaling has produced a masterpiece, all other body using his body physics BBP.


german \ deutsch !


ich stimme dir zu , für mich kommt auch nur der CHSBHC in frage !

dieser körper ist am besten proportioniert und die brustform ist unschlagbar , kein anderer körper kommt an diese brust heran . CherryHotaling hat ein meisterwerk erbracht , alle anderen körper benutzen seine body physik BBP .

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Like others have said, there's far too much variety in the content to put a pack together, everyone has different tastes especially when it comes to sex.

Have a look in the downloads forum and check LL every day. Keep up with the "What mod is this?" and similar sticky threads, that way you can see all the content that gets posted and you can grab what interests you.

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