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D7's sick, twisted, and depraved ramblings: Mad Scientist mod.


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Ok so while reading Loogie's latest depraved rambling which was about his idea for vault 19, I thought to myself hey I wonder if I could come up with something depraved and ramble about it. As it turns out I can, but this idea isn't just depraved its also sick, twisted, demented, and just plain head tilting to the side odd, so much so that it will make your head tilt to the side! A warning, those of you who are easily offended or feint of heart cease reading immediately and go have yourself some cookies. Those of you who aren't either of those 2 feel free to keep reading and have some cookies. Also if your name is Dr. Evil please curl your right hand into a fist, then extend your pinkie, put it next to your mouth and laugh an evil laugh both before and after reading.


So this idea I have is about a mad scientist, not just any mad scientist but a psychotic sick fucked up in the head mad scientist. Now then, the quest for this mod picks up say when you go to a certain area, perhaps someplace in Westside or Freeside? A man comes running up to you because he notices that your armed and appear to be capable, he tells you that say perhaps either his wife, sister, or daughter (who would be 18yrs old of course) has gone missing and he asks for you to help find her. Agreeing will cause him to tell you that she had been feeling a little under the weather, and that a new doctor had temporarily set up shop in this location, the rumor was that this doctor is simply passing through and during this brief stay of his he decided to offer free medical treatment to any who required it.


Now being the inquisitive heroine that your character may or may not be, you ask the man why he sent his daughter, sister, or wife, you know which ever it is turns out to be, to this doctor and not to say someone else like the Followers of the Apocolypse camp (if this quest takes place in Freeside) to which he responds that this doctor has superior medical equipment and supplies compared to that of any others, and that it was free. So after that he then gives you directions to the doctor's location so you can begin your investigation.


Upon entering the doctor's temporary set up you are greeted by 2 securitrons, 2 Mister Gutsy's and a rather handsome and charming man in a lab coat, whom will initiate dialogue with the PC and offer you a very friendly greeting and warm smile, after said greeting the player then asks about the man's daughter or whatever. The doctor then replies that she came in, he looked her over and gave her a shot to help her feel better and that she left with a man whom he had guessed to be her lover. He then tells you that they probably went off someplace to be alone and that her father or brother was probably just worrying to much. At this point, he will look your heroine up and down and comment on how beautiful she is, and that she has a strong body and will make a subtle comment that she would likely bear strong children one day (or if you have other companions with you such as Cass and Veronica or other female companions added by mods such as Willow, he will also compliment them). After this the player can respond in multiple ways, like commenting him on his looks, or you can be rude, or impress him further with a special comment only available to those with a high intelligence of 8+.


The doctor will then tell you that he intends to travel to his home which we'll say is located near George Town, and asks if you'd like to come along, and says that it would be nice to travel with such a beauty (or beauties if your not alone) and that the extra guns would always be nice. He says he'll reward you with caps and free weapons and medical supplies upon reaching his home. Though you can decline we'll just say you accepted after all who could turn down lots of caps, free weapons, and medical supplies when all you have to do is a simple escort? At this point the screen blacks out and then you go through a loading screen and find yourself in a very nice mansion with working electricity and everything. The doctor initiates dialogue with you and says that before he gives you your reward for helping him he'd like to offer you a free meal which he promises will be the finest meal you'll ever eat. You can refuse but he will be very insistant, in other words no matter what your staying for dinner damn it! At this point the heroine follows the doctor to the dining room and takes a seat, the doctor then initiates another dialogue with the character, its just simple table conversation to pass the time until the food is ready. During this conversation you learn that he is not only a doctor in medicine, but also a man of science.


During the conversation the character can explore different dialogue choices and ask the Doctor about his house and so on, once you end the dialogue a Super Mutant named Omen walks into the room with the food and places it on the table (I know right? Not only does this doctor live in a freakin' mansion and basically all kinds of luxury and robots for security but he also has a Super Mutant for a damn butler!) At this point you eat the delicious food put in front of you (and if with Cass and Veronica, they begin to eat also) then...you notice things starting to get strange, your vision begins to blur and you black out.


As you awaken you find yourself in a containment cell, similar in appearance to the kind found in vaults. You quickly find that you have been stripped naked of all your armor, weapons, and items. You also see that you have a cellmate, a girl named Alice (Cass, Veronica, and any other female companion like Willow will also be in there with you, all stripped naked) when Alice talks to you, she reveals herself to be the man back in Freeside's daughter (or sister, or whatever) and that the Doctor had taken her captive when she went to see him, he knocked her out with the shot he gave her and then locked her in a crate with his medical supplies. (Yes thats correct, then entire time you were escorting the doctor to his house, this girl was in the crate with his medical supplies! vat a twist! Wait is that a twist? Eh who gives a fuck)


After your done talking to the girl the doctor walks in accompanied by a heavily armed robot (perhaps a sentry bot, or an upgraded securitron) named The Warden. The doctor now reveals his twisted plan, and tells you that he has gone about the wasteland gathering animals and creatures of different kinds, such as feral ghouls, Super Mutants, Cazadores, dogs, centaurs, and of course Death Claws, for the sole purpose of attempting to breed them with human females in hopes that they'll get pregnant and give birth to Hybrids! After he reveals his insane plan, Omen along with a certain number of other super mutants (depending on how many girls are in the cell) will walk in and begin raping you and the girl(s). After which they will leave, 3 hours later The Warden will enter and do a scan on you and the girl(s) to detect if your pregnant, if not then he will leave and another session will begin. After the first time the group of creatures that come in will be random, could be more super mutants, or a group of deathclaws, or feral ghouls, or what have you. There are only 3 sessions every day, so that people on hardcore have a chance to rest, after the final session Omen comes in and gives you food and water. Then after you sleep the process repeats.


Now I know some of you (particularly the lore nazis) are gonna say some things like, some of those things can't even get a person pregnant because their sterile! Or its impossible to breed hybrids with humans! So let me tell you something right now, this doctor is fucking insane, he's crazy. He does not give a fuck if its impossible or not, he doesn't care if its illogical, why? Because he is fucking insane, a damn mad scientist. He just don't plain give a fuck, he's gonna do it or get your character killed trying.


Now for methods of capture we have the original way, other ways are if you decline his offer to come to his home he says "Well atleast let me give you a shot to help your immune system, its free of course." accepting will knock you out. Downright declining both offers will cause him to say "Look you have a very lovely and strong looking body...there's no way I'm letting you just leave." Now he attacks along with his robots, if you get knocked down to a certain percentage of health, you black out, and wake up in the cell.


Now methods of escape include numerous options. If you have a high enough lock picking and stealth skill you can pick the lock on your cell and sneak out (there'll be like a bobby pin lieing on the floor of the cell somewhere). Another way is if you have the Robotics Expert perk, if you do then when The Warden enters your cell you can deactivate him and simply walk out. Another way is with a decent enough speech skill you can convince Omen to set you free, if you do he will charge out and attack The Warden, and will likely lose, but it will give you enough time to get by. Whatever way you choose, there's the question of what do you do once your out of your cell? Well down the hall there will be two doors one leads up and out of the area, the other leads to a lab of sorts, where you'll find bodies of women that appear to have been disected, aswell as a terminal to hack. If you can hack the terminal, you are presented with some files to read that will show the Doctor's experiments have been going on for years. You will also see an option to deactivate the power grid to the mansion. Turning off the power will deactivate ALL the defense turrets and The Warden...it will also unlock all the cells that the various creatures have been locked in. Connected to the lab is another room thats an armory. It could say have a few laser/plasma weapons and some certain armors in it, in here would also be lockers containing your equipment aswell as the equipment of your companions. Once you have your stuff back all thats left to do is escape the mansion, which is difficult if the power is still on...and very interesting if its been shut off.


Now I'm thinking this place has 4 levels, the lab/holding area, a basement, the main floor, and an upstairs area where the Doctor will be. Now if the power has been left on you will have turrets shooting at you as you make your escape (not to mention The Warden and a few robots shooting at you aswell) If the power has been turned off however...you will find yourself moving through a dark mansion filled with various creatures, each one of which will seek to rape you, Alice and your companions once they detect you (that is unless you kill them first) once at the main floor you have 2 choices, 1: leave 2: go upstairs and kill the Doctor. If you just leave the Doctor will either be torn apart by the creatures, or will escape and continue his experiments elsewhere, if you go upstairs however and confront him, he will initiate some dialogue, speak crazyness, call you a whore and then combat begins. Once he's dead you can loot him, on his person will be research notes that when read will suggest that he may have been close to discovering a cure for Super Mutant sterility...or maybe it will just be a bunch of crazy babbling.


Now once your out of the mansion and if Alice is still alive you have another choice, 1: Kill her for no reason. 2: Take her back to her dad (or brother or whatever) and recieve some kind of reward. A possible 3rd choice is that she becomes a new companion.


So thats my idea. You know...with Halstrom's pregnancy mod, the Doctor's insane experiments have a chance of actually working...*dark evil laughter* Now I imagine that just repurposing an already existing area in the game to suit this idea would be easier than actually going about making a mansion up in the mountain-ish type region place, I mean there's gotta be some place out there that this could work for, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a mansion it could be just be some type of building or something.

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Yes there could be a slavery theme, I mean if you have Halstrom's mod installed and your character actually gets pregnant what then? Would the Doctor really ever let you go? And even if you couldn't get pregnant why would he let you walk free after you've seen his experiments? Perhaps failure to produce results after a set time may cause your character to share the fate of the other women who came before, in that your life becomes forfeit and your body is dissected/used in other twisted experiments. Though maybe he could add you on as a partner of sorts if your speech skill is high enough to convince him. You go out and gather fresh young women and bring them back while at the same time still having to submit to sessions each time you return.


Though the setting of this mod isn't so much about creature rape, no its more about taking someone like Dr. Satan from "House of a Thousand Corpses" and putting him in a setting thats a mixture of "House on Haunted Hill" and "The Hills Have Eyes" with a small helping of "Resident Evil" on the side. In short the mod is about putting fear in the player, making them sit on the edge of their seat as their heart beats quickly and their blood pumps not only to their loins but to other places. Its about coming across twisted fucked up experiments as you explore the underground lab after your escape, experiments that make you go "What in the fuck..."


Lets say during your escape you choose to shut off the power. Now picture having to move through the darkness as you search for a way out...all the while listening to the chorus of screeching feral ghouls, growling death claws, and the noises of the various other creatures as they stalk the darkened corridors, never knowing what might be around the next corner...or what might come from behind.


So yes, this is more about fear, putting a solid element of a twisted fucked up horror movie into New Vegas. The creature rape is just a bonus.

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This idea is wonderful as it is but being the type of preson i am i can't help but to add a few more.


During the Escort, you might get a chance to peek in the medical supplies and find the girl. You have choices to make here:

Help the girl-Leads to a battle with the Good Doc(Riiight... good) and his robots(other escorts)Losing will lead to your captivity, Winning will let you escape with the girl, but you'd be lost in the woods if you don't have a high enough survival.

Pretend to see nothing- The doc may or may not be suspicious of your answer(depending on Int, Speech, etc.) Failure will get you drugged soon after, Success will let the event continue normally while enabling options like not eating his offered meal, etc. which will lead to another event.

Confront Him- Depending on how you confront him he could attack you or try and persuade you into letting him experiment on you.


If you succeed in Pretending to not see the girl, you can deny anything he offers till he runs out of ideas. At the end he will try to get you to stay longer/over the night, you can decline and leave and return later with reinforcements, by that time the Doc had succeded in his experiments and ran of leaving only a dead body of a girl and ALOT of monsters.

If you accepted his proposal, you can sleep the entire time which he will take the chance to confine you and your companions. OR you can sneak around at night and try to find out what's he up to, and if you can find the girl again. After finding the girl and freeing her you'd be stopped by the Doc he will try to persuade you to join him, this offer is a trick and if you accept then you'd be drugged and put into a cell. If you decline the offer a fight ensures, losing will lead you to be a test subject, winning will let you escape.


Note: Deactivating the power will free the monsters, letting them loose in the area, giving you a survival/preseption check to do when escaping with the girl.


Accpeting his offer to join him(with the exception of the last offer) will let you -help him experiment as a partner mainly on the girl, but you can experiment on your companions if you want. When you two succeeds the mansion/lab will have an accident letting the creatures loose. One finds the two of you and it brutally murders the doc and rapes you. You can kill it after, now you'll have to escape. You can find the girl dead if you where brutal in her experiment, alive if not. You can save her, and lead take her out with you, or use her as a distraction later.

-Offer to be his specimen in exchange for the girl's freedom, He will agree but might not stay true to his word(like if you accepted in his mansion/lab then he'd just hide her and experiment on both of you) In this route during your escape you can find the girl being raped if the doc kept her. You can leave her to keep the monsters distracted or save her. You can also save her at this point and use her as a distraction later in your escape.

-Try to persuade him to stop the experiments. Only possible after some time of helping him as a partner/assistant. Will have hard checks since his a MAD scientist. Failing will make him distrust you and experiment on you. Passing will lead him into trying to kill all the monsters with poison gas but was killed by one of his supermutant servants who wants the cure. Said supermutant will then try to subdue you to be experimented on. He's much more brutal/forceful in experimenting. When escaping the monsters and supermutants will be fighting each other. You can find the girl still, but she's been raped to submition by the supermutants and doesn't want to leave, she might also be pregnant.

-Lead the experiment yourself. Kill the Doc and Continue his experiments.

-Shutdown the lab. Kill the doc and wipeout the whole place. by selfdestruct, killing all the monsters,etc.



This will give the male characters a chance to play... And not be fucked by a monster... they will also be turn to a girl if they fail at certain points(like eating the doc's meal, loosing a fight, etc.)

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