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Shanyu's Depraved Rambling #1: Powder Gangers


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Why should Loogie have all the fun?


I'm starting one of these following the format of Loogie's Depraved Ramblings. I'm just a fledgling modder with very little free time, so I figured I'd share some ideas and see what the pros here like.


Powder Gang Prisoners


So, here we have all these escaped prisoners that have taken over their little prison and made it a home. Why are hardened criminals just letting the first girl they see in years come and go as she pleases? Sure, we have some mods where these guys umm... make their needs rather clear... but it seems like someone would think to lock the door once she gets inside and not share the key with their newest room-mmate.


...Ok, so you're probably thinking that this sounds like its gonna be a re-skinned sewer slave mod... and... well, is that really so bad?


After the initial encounter, our intrepid heroine wakes inside the prison, gear locked away in one of the back rooms, exits similarly locked, and all the other prisoners all too eager to say hello to their new roommate.


Unlike sewer slave, this isn't about turning tricks for caps. There's a lot of people who'll just do what they want, many will lie and revel when they trick you ("I'll give you this key, but you gotta do x" and afterward "I never said the key was for the exit!") some will do whatever they want AND take what you have, and a few that might give you enough food and drink to survive for another day.


You're going to make a lot of friends, but if that situation doesn't seem very pleasing, there are some options available to you:



  • make a deal with an enterprising prisoner-- if he keeps the others (mostly) at bay so you can get a good night's sleep & food, he essentially becomes your pimp. (Reduced chance for thieves & non-payers, reduced chance of a nighttime interruption, etc)
  • make a deal with the biggest, dumbest, and ugliest guy there to protect you in exchange for your talents. While this tends to protect you from unwanted advances, you find that he's the jealous type, so you might have issues earning any food and drink after that (and there's always a chance he's TOO dumb and can be talked into sharing/trading you away. "Whaddaya mean you SOLD me? I thought we agreed we were partners!")
  • get real good at hiding.
  • find a way out.

Obviously, finding a way out is probably going to be high on the list, but some of those other methods might be good interim tactics while you figure out exactly how to get out.


Getting Out

  • pickpocket the keys from the doors off of whoever has them ("distracting" them may give you an enhanced chance to succeed)
  • pick the locks AND sneak past the guards (good luck with that)
  • bribe the keyholders (good luck with that, as the cost of losing access to you may be rather high)
  • brute-force (of course, if you could fight your way out against these guys, you probably wouldn't have gotten overpowered in the first place.
  • OR, for an even darker side (and harder scripting) you might be able to get off with offering a trade- your freedom at the cost of someone else's (see below)


The trade:

So, you don't like this new roommate situation, but you haven't found a good way to get out of it? Maybe they wouldn't be so reluctant to let you go if you found someone else to take your place. Your character should already know of at least one girl that wanders solo through the wasteland (Sunny Smiles) and you even know where she frequents on these strolls. Maybe you can strike a deal?


Of course, they're not dumb enough to let you go solo- they give you a companion or two (big brutish guys whose dialogue makes it clear who THEY think is in charge) and you're on a timer to complete the quest (or return to the prison). You gotta find Sunny (add a script to make her visit the campfire where she taught you to craft?) and then the brutes will take her away.


But... they don't set you free.


Why have just one female prisoner when you can have two, after all?

Of course, maybe if you prove your usefulness with one more.... maybe isolate one of the female NCR soldiers in Primm? Maybe a merchant? Layla if she's appeared in Primm? Maybe this'll be the one where they'll let you go.... or you'll get an opportunity to turn the tables on your "companions" next time... or you'll just realize that kidnapping is a great way to make a living while keeping the brutes' hands on someone other than you...


Just don't get too overconfident. Even if you never fail in your excursions (which could earn the boss's displeasure), you might come back to find the boss has found a new favorite girl in your absence-- one that would just love to see her betrayer put back down to the bottom of the pecking order...


Thoughts? Suggestions?


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Awesome idea. I have a design doc of sorts for how I thought breaking in the player should go, but stalled after that. I'll post a cleaned up version modified to fit your version later.

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This is a modified version of a design document I submitted to Bromm. Since he doesn't have time for the project anymore, and I can't code with a crap, here it is. I changed things to be in line with Shanyu's idea.


Eddie starts off his normal way, and the player responses in addition to the vanilla options is, “I don’t appreciate being treated like a piece of meat."


Eddie says, “You’re the one who strolled into a prison shaking your ass. Don’t complain to me. You decided to come here, and we’re going to use you for our enjoyment.” A negative response will see Eddie rape her, drug her, and then order his men to take her away – screen goes blank and the player wakes up in a prison cell without their gear and wearing the Powder Ganger Sex Slave Outfit from the Tryout datapack. The Tryout scanner suspends operations.


The lock needs 35 lockpick to get out of, the front door needs 30, and the player could lockpick and sneak their way out if they so choose – of course, their gear is being held in a chest in Eddie’s office, so that might not be the brightest idea. Picking the 30 door doesn’t make the PGs hostile but does make them alert – if she’s seen they immediately run over and begin dialog about how she isn’t getting away that easy. The player has dialog options to protest, but the outcome is they get leashed and dragged into the middle of the basketball court for a process I detail below. If they don't protest, they're leashed and escorted back to their cell.


If we can manage it, I think it would be cool if this shows up as a marked quest called “Hard Time” with the objectives of “Free yourself of Powder Ganger control” and “Recover your gear.”


Within a minute (real time) of player waking up after using the cell bed, a ganger in the armored powder ganger outfit walks in. He gleefully says, “Come on, prisoner, it’s your yard time,” without starting a conversation. He then opens the gate and leashes the player, forcing her to go outside. Once there, she is paraded to the middle of the basketball court and every Ganger in the yard gathers around to bang her. While they each take their turn, the Gangers spew a constant barrage of humiliating comments and observations. With Sexout NG's support for three ways, this can be pretty awesome.


When everyone has had a turn, the guard takes her back to the cell block, bangs her, then locks her back up again with instructions to go to bed because she has a long day ahead tomorrow. Player would then activate the bed in the cell to begin the new day.


Next day the guard comes in and starts a conversation, with the opener “Rise and shine, slut.” The player response is, “Are you going to make me do more yard time?” to which the guard responds, “No, you’re going to see the big boss today.”


Player is leashed and taken into the admin building. Once there, Eddie asks her, “Are you going to be a good little girl and play along?” The player responses are, “Yes, sir. I’ve learned my lesson,” or “I’d never voluntarily subject myself to this.” The first response has Eddie say, “You talk the talk, now prove it.” The on the knees blowjob animation triggers and after she’s done Eddie tells her to get her equipment out of the chest it’s stored in. He then gives her the first Powder Ganger mission.


If she says no, Eddie says, “You just keep on making bad choices, don’t you?” and then rapes her. Eddie’s bodyguards then line up for their turns. After that, Eddie talks to her and says he only wants to see her again if she's willing to admit the NCRCF gangers own her. He then tells a guard to get her out of his sight. Guard leashes her, and once outside he tells her if she's not going to do what Eddie wants, he's sick of baby sitting her. Player is unleashed, but the place is still locked up tight so escape follows the paths defined by Shanyu. This would also be where his ideas kick in, and the Tryout scanner kicks back on with special dialog mods reflecting Shanyu's ideas, and will turn off or modify according to who the player aligns with for survival.


Once the player submits to Eddie and he allows her to leave (because he knows she's going to be coming back, or if she doesn't the PG camps out in the wild can have fun with her), the Tryout dialog would get ultra-submissive.


If possible, female followers should join in these shenanigans and males be force-fired – it it’s too difficult, all companions should be force-fired when player is knocked unconscious like DLCs do it. Main reason followers would be a consideration this early in the game is people could go to NCRCF late in the game, and also Sunny Smiles could be recruited right at the beginning with the right mods.


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