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Is there any way to have more companions?


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A bit in the vein of that. How many of the current mods are already supporting Cass and Veronica (or other female companions for that matter)?


The tryout seems to support it for Gomorrah and I think the Legion but I'm not certain about other instances (e.g. prostitution or NCR given they only give one NCR prostitute outfit)?


There's so much there already but it is all in progress - which is great that it is so active anyway - so I'm pretty confused to judge if things are as they should be or if my mod setup is buggy.

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Cass and Veronica don't work very well for NCR prostitution, because once the dress is removed the scanner stops. But you can get around that by setting that the outfit be worn during sex. This is how the Tryouts treat them:


- All the scanners for all factions will make the player the primary target. If the player is getting boned, then Veronica, followed by Cass, are selected as targets. If you're getting raped, they'll get raped too.


- In SexoutLegion.esm, if the player becomes enslaved, so do Cass and Veronica. The player can also offer them to legionaries and Marissa will sometimes demand the player and one of the girls have a sexual interaction. While enslaved, Cass and Veronica fucking will up the score you need to be set free.


- Cass and Veronica are also stripped of gear if you enter Vault 3, but I have yet to setup the finale with Motor-Runner to include them.

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