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ATTN: TTW USERS (Tale of Two Wastelands)

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It has come to my attention that quite a few mods, sexout mods included, display bizarre behavior when starting a new game from scratch with TTW. IE certain features won't work correctly, certain pop up menus won't pop up when they should, etc.


I have found that this is due to the fact that quite a few mods require the New Vegas tutorial to be complete before they start up. However, since (currently) that doesn't happen until you take the train to New Vegas for the first time, these mods will not fire correctly and may cause problems.


To get all of your mods to work right, when making a new game this is what you should do:

  1. Using either Wrye Flash or FOMM/NMM, disable all mods except for TTW, the vanilla/DLC/FO3/FO3DLC Esms, and any TTW-Tailored mods (TTW Lings, TTW Delay DLC, etc) and play through vault 101 until you are outside of the vault and you get your first level up.
  2. Wait about 10 seconds, then type COC ttwtrainengine01b followed by player.additem xx001e15 1 (this will give you the ticket to NV. XX equals the load number your TaleofTwowastelands.esm, in hex. It should be 0C if you're sorting with boss.)
  3. Flip the switch and go to NV.
  4. Go through the NV Intro (which is thankfully short. even moreso in TTW.) Untill you exit doc mitchel's house. starting "back in the saddle" with sunny smiles is not required.
    4.a: If you wish to start in New Vegas, Skip to step 8 once step 4 is done. Steps 5-7 are only if you wish to start in the Capital Wasteland.
  5. Type COC ttwtrainengine01A followed by player.additem xx001e14 1
  6. Take the train back to the CW
  7. Type COC Vault101Exterior
  8. Save and exit
  9. Reenable all your mods in Wrye Flash/FOMM/NMM.
  10. Load Save Game, and continue playing as normal.

I've already told the TTW team of this issue and hopefully in the future this procedure will not be necessary. But until such time, you will need to use this procedure to make sure all your mods work right. 


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The problem, as I understand it, is that a lot of mods somehow have a hidden requirement that "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" be complete before they can fire. Something in the game engine or some such, I've never made anything quest dependent so I'm shooting in the dark here. If this is true, and we can find a way around that (I suppose you could use the console to force-complete it, but then what happens when you finally get to the Mojave?) then things will work with TTW without all the rigmarole.

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Do you think the TTW guys will be receptive to the suggestion?  I've always thought Sexout was kind of a fringe thing most other mods wouldn't support.


It's not just sexout. In fact I didn't even mention sexout to them.


Sexout just happens to be one of those hidden requirement mods. And even here its only certain ones (IE Sexoutlust.) 


Still, better safe than sorry.

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