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"Stop right there, criminal scum!" Shout mod


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i laughed so hard while watching this at work. good thing im working the overnight shift, otherwise im pretty sure the people i work with would have thought i was crazy or something.


i immediately downloaded it, booted up skyrim on my laptop, toggled tgm, then shouted everything to oblivion. this is def on par with BBB (Better Bouncing Bread Loafs....what did you think i was writing?), if not the best mod out there atm!

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Pretty hilarious mod. Knowing this' date=' they'll probably be mods that replace women's shouts with sex moans and farting noises.



This part made me die laughing thinking about it before I even got a chance to watch the video. I am going to have to install it and show to some friends.


Something that in turn may make you guys laugh involving Guards and bad collision detection:

Guard stumples to death! V2!

(Ignore the typos in the title. I didn't make it like that)


And one you may all already know of

The Imperial Guard Song


Enjoy & Thanks for the laughs.



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