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Lovers Comfort (sexLabVersion) & SexiS ??


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Without SexiS installed Lovers Comfort checked in the load order crashes my game when loading a saved game so can't even get into the game. Unchecked the game loads alright.  I have SexLab installed, all the requisites including the new one, Aroused.


I have this newer version that is for Sex Labs (I was trying out the older version of Comfort before).



"Comfort (sexLab)  FAQ:  #3   BOSS is complaining about missing SexiS.esm? Ignore BOSS"


 How can I ignore it when Comfort won't load a game without SexiS?

  • LoversComfort.esp Active
    • Error: SexiS.esm is not present or is not active. Skyrim will CTD when loading if using this file without it.


Any advice please?   I have the new Comfort v20130824 for SexLab (& new required esp, Aroused). It won't load a saved game with Comfort checked in the load order, just crash. So I don't see how it works without SexiS. Is SexiS, that bad in creating problems to have it installed along with the SexLab & rest?


Thank you!

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BOSS does not know the difference between the 2 versions of lovers comfort so it assumes it is the one for sexis since that was the first one. I assume that you have uninstalled sexis and any mods for it. Did you make a clean save before installing sexlab and lovers comfort and aroused? Also make sure Aroused is loaded after sexlab. I know these mods work as I am using them now.

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The LoversComfort.esp for Sexis and SexLab can be differed in Boss pretty easily if someone adds them with the correct checksums.

IF Checksum == X && Sexis.esm not active then print "bla,bla sexis.esm"

IF Checksum == X && SexLab.esm not active then print "bla,bla sexlab.esm"



does another mods needs that esm, run tes5edit and see if one does.

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So I don't see how it works without SexiS. Is SexiS, that bad in creating problems to have it installed along with the SexLab & rest?


Thank you!

It works fine with out SexiS and if I understand your last question SexiS works fine with Sexlab as a matter of fact. I believe Sanguines Debauchery still requires Sexis even though it now requires Sexlab also.


Oh and try loading an older save or starting a new game and if it gets past the loading screen load the save you want first chance you get the crashing on loading a save seems to be near impossible to stop as I went through a number of steps to fix it on my game and it just came right back after a while.

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That's interesting SexiS can work alright with Sexlab. Someone else was hesitant about them together, but cool. I was getting some hug-deaths & asking for sex resulting in being dropped form 200 feet in the air but I think that was Romance & RandomAttacks that wasn't getting a long with Sexlab or something. That's fixed now thankfully.


I think I got SexiS out & Comfort running well now, had to try a few save games like you said, but I need to figure a way to raise the arousal level of my followers because I get a lot of no's.


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